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Would you pay $50 a year to breathe oxygen?

Then why are us Xbox owners forced to pay $50 a year for Live? Live is a great service. Its community based and a whole lot of fun. But would M$ hurt in anyway making Live free? Sure you can say "its worth it" or "gotta pay to play" but cmon now, its getting a little ridiculous. I believe online gaming should be free as free as the air we breathe. If they want to charge DLC so be it! but the line has to be drawn somewhere. Mugen out.

PS3 for $299.99 tell everyone you know!!

Found the link on another website. Yes it is true. There is currently an 80 gig PS3 for $300 on the Dell website. Get em while they're hot;)

PS: I bought the PS3 with a Dual Shock(Which was on sale btw for $35) for a around $360 free shipping. Awesome deal imo. Tell anyone who was waiting for this price drop asap!

Why No More Heroes restores my faith in gaming

First of all I want to welcome everyone back. I was a litle busy with school so I wast able to contribute to Gamespot in a while.

2007 is a year many consider the "Year of the Shooters." There was a lot of quality software coming out towards the end of the year it was almost too much!:P I have enjoyed playing many of the FPS's but I just hope it doesnt go the way of the repetitive beat em ups of the 16 bit era. Now that it's 2008 (Happy belated New Year!) I wanted to try my hands at something new. That is when I decided to try No More Heroes. I was not dissapointed. The game was like a breath of fresh air. I beliieve every Wii owner should get this game. The art style, memoriable characters, and the over-the-top actioin really made this game shine. As I was playing I had a instant rush of nostagia of being in the good ol days of gaming in 1997-1999.(The best years of gaming IMHO) It dsheartens me that the game sold poorly in Japan but I hope that might be a different story in the US. I would really like to see more fresh new orginal franchises that push the boundaries of what fun should be. I ask you all to please support games like these so that we wont be subjected to uninspired gameplay. New franchises like Fragile and Little Big Planet should keep things interesting, I look foward to playing them in the future. I wish you all a great year and keep on gaming! Until next time...

I just got a 360! :)

Greetings fellow gamers. I finally recieved my Xbox 360 in the mail. I also got a few games as well: Halo 3, Gears of War, and Eternal Sonata and Naruto Rise of a Ninja. Man I cant even decribe how stoked I am right now! lol The holiday lineup for the 360 really appealed to me and I just couldnt resist. What other games do you think I should get? Well I got to go open these babies up right now! Enjoy the rest of your holiday! I know I will!:D

Assassins Creed - A MUST RENT!?!

Assassins Creed was the game that made me want a PS3 back when it was an exclusive. To hear how this game under delivered really is dissapointing. How can a game that had so much developement time, at best become average? There are reviews available on IGN and Gametrailers if you want to check them out. I was on the fence with this game, now I'm definately going to rent it in order to get a feel for the game, but my money will go to more promising titles. Dont believe the hype!

What game(s) are you most itching to play for the holiday season?

AHHHH Midterms!!!:o lol Its that time again. At least I know that December is around the corner. Time goes by so fast. lol Now I'm starting to think about what game(s) I should get for the inevitable winter break. What game(s) are you getting? I know two games thats definately making my list and they are Assassins Creed and Ratchet and Clank Tools of destruction. Those games should keep me plenty warm during the winter hibernation of delayed titles.:?brrr

Whos wishes Dreamcast was still here?!?

Man I loved my dreamcast. It had all my favorite games. (Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Shenmue) Does anybody out there wish Sega was still in the Hardware business? Its a shame they went out when they really put out their best.