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New account

im quiting this account cos i feel like it please add 'willsuicid4food' acturly i'll add u guys and if i forget u know where to find me later and yes i'll be on alot more now

School holidays!

Yay its school holidays people!. im happy

got prototype, uncharted drakes fourtune, little big planet, killzone 2 and cod 4 since i was last online. havnt been on cos ive been busy and well yer made a facbook and i dont know how to use it and yes.. life is full of crazy stuff.


What im gonna do

well im bored and i nearly finished fallout 3 Its a great game!.. next week im gonna buy resident evil 5 and my mate will stay over and we will play it cos we loved RE 4. then i'll get killzone 2!..

we went surfing 2day.. it was cool.. i got massive sunburn on the back of my neck and it hurts.. near where we were surfing life guards told us that a pedo was nearby and not to go any where alone.

i asked "what if he offers us candy?" and he laughed.. hAhahhahahhAHahHAH.. im funny :)

well i got surfing next week from there me and my friend will get RE5 YAY!


GOt Fallout 3

.yer i bought it and well im only just beginned it. its looks very bland and i guess the graphics look a bit cheap. (oh on PS3) and im trying to get out of the vault 101. im still a bit warming up to the game. currently not thinking much of it but it may change 2morrow.

later! im gonna go find a homless person to laugh at :)

Sad was gonna get a replica gun :(

Well my family and i went up to canberra for the weekend (its the capital of australia) and its so small i mean like nothing like sydney i think sydney should be the capital but anyway. i know i can get fake replicare guns there (did i spell replica right?.. well i mean a fake fun that looks like a real one) and i searched but i didnt hav the time to search the city which made me sad. i mean it would be epic to have a model AK-47 in ur bed room u know what i mean.. im deeply disapointed.:(

ok. now i think i'll get fear 2 next i hear good reviews about it and well it looks awsome cos im bored with most of my other games so i might buy it next week end :(

well later!

Today i whacked my best friend with a mighty stick by accident kinda

well we were in my backyard he was holding a sharpened stick and i held a mighty bamboo piece of wood with massive roots at the end. and he was putting leaves through the the sharp point and it was like instinct or somthing but i just whacked his leg with my battle stick i was holding. he shrieked in pain and im like 'oh mate im sorry' trying to see if he was ok but he was enraged and i let him whack me in the leg. i held in the pain after his whack but it didnt hurt like i expected it too i left him some big bruise but i didnt get a bruise(probably cos im either bigger than him or i tensed my leg muscle to cussion the pain)

he forgave me cos ive done heaps of more worse stuff 2 him like whacking his leg with a thorn bush when he was lying in the sun or making him bit into a live fish that i caught and never payed him. oh cos im like his best friend and he even said we would stay best friends if i steal his girl friend so a melee attack would kill our friendship yay! im popular!

and well it wasnt my fault really cos i probably did feel threatened and i dunno it was like instinct to hit them before they hurt u i dunnohat do u think?.. oh yeh i said sorry like 3 times so dont say i should sorry :P

Resident Evil: Degeneration

AHH its out in sydney Australia!.. i just found out. now i know that alot of u guys and gals r american and it might be old but its new to me! yer dude it looks epic i might buy it cos i love resident evil and its strange to be computer generated instead of acted but it doesnt matter to me as long as there is plenty of zombie hunting! YAY! :D (speaking of which me and my friend in Cod WAW found the mystery box and its good for hunting as well! max wave 14 )

heres it is, i copied and pasted from wikipedia and few cool pics! 8)

Resident Evil: Degeneration, known in Japan as Biohazard: Degeneration (バイオハザード:ディジェネレーション, Baiohazādo: Dijenerēshon?), is the first full-length CG animation feature based upon Capcom's Resident Evil video game series. It was announced by Capcom and Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan on October 29, 2007.

Unlike the previous Resident Evil film trilogy, Degeneration is set within the same universe as the original video games.[1] The main characters are Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield, who appear together for the first time in the franchise since Resident Evil 2.[2] The film made its premiere in Japan on October 11, 2008 at the Tokyo Game Show,[3] and was released nationwide one week later on October 18. The DVD and Blu-ray were released on December 26, 2008 in Japan and December 27, 2008 in North America.[4] It was released in the United Kingdom on January 12 2009. A trailer of the movie and the first eight minutes of it were shown in the North American Home Theater of Playstation Home from December 18 to 28, 2008

thats all i'll put in as i dont wanna spoil what happens if any1 want to get it u may have watched it already so u can tell me how good it is ! YAY! :)

TOday I learned to surf!

my school for sport we are surfing and i am learning how to surf. since it was my first try i caught a few waves (very nice!) and stayed on the board for a few precious seconds it is really fun and will make me look cool (LAWL 8) ) well it was great and we will keep learning each fortnight.

it was my first time and we used the long boards forgot what they were called and it was great cos 2day was hot (its summer in australia) and the waves werent that good but ok it was very refreshing try to surf if u guys want it is so much fun!

Games i'll be getting in 09

-F.E.A.R 2

-Metal Gear Solids 4

-Resident Evil 5

-Killzone 2

-Tomclancys HAWX

-Little big planet

-fallout 3

-Resistence 2

-LOTR the white council


-saints Row 2

-Vampire reign : alterd species

and thats all i know of right now.. quite a list huh?