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World Cup Germany 2006

Just finished watching the world cup. So my favorite team went to the finals. Yes France. I thought they were gonna take it all especially after the first goal(which Zidane scored on a PM). Then it went downhill form there. Italy does not deserve to win the cup because there dirty cheats. All in all it was a great world cup with some great matches. Looking forward to South Africa 2010. Zidane still is a living Legend!!!!!


Just got a used gamecube for $40 with a memory card and 2 controllers. Also got SSBM for $10. That's the reason I got the cube and also cause I wanted to play the gc version of Resident Evil 4.

Well Cya Later

Playstation 3

I'am getting a Playstation 3.I got 550 dollars and probably gonna get more.I don't no why i'am posting a blog. I have better things to do but i love games.I'am tryin to raise my gamespot level. I post back when i get one.
Well cya Later.

I don't think anybody's reading this.