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Worthington Jets

here is a picture of a toilet that I drew with in


Every so often when you're sitting on your toilet, when you're doing what you need to do, the toilet water will retaliate, sending a splish of cold water onto your undercarriage.

So the months ago I though of something! :

I guess it started by me starting to wipe off the toilet seat before sitting down on a more regular basis, which somehow let to me making the connection between having some under-used toilet paper laying in the bowl with not having a soggy bottom.

A little while after a friend made a comment about being splished in the behind I suggested that he took a piece of toilet paper, wiped the seat to get more use out of it, and chuck it in the toilet before commencing.
Later on he told me that he hadn't been splished at.

So a week-or-so ago I was on the internet and I ran into a series of videos called "Smarter Every Day" that has a video called "Poop Splash Elimination". They told me that these water splishes are called "Worthington jets" and there's research and physics behind it. Their solution is pretty much the same as mine, lay a piece of toilet paper over the water to "vary the surface tension".
It also told me that I'm not the only one to think of this ;-;

Here's the video:

that is this blog now.
Hopefully I'll have helped someone eliminate their splishes :]