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@thehig1: she wasn't the villain. She was the hero.

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@LJS9502_basic: police academy motto "to protect and serve" so yes it's their job to protect.

yeah, that's a motto. great. a motto isn't a legally binding argument.

the question is legally what is the officer required to do in this situation and did he violate that law with his actions ( or lack thereof )

my personal opinion ( not knowing the laws ) is that he probably did violate some obligation of his duty by standing back. should he serve a life sentence as if he were the shooter himself as some are suggesting? no, i think that's fucking stupid, but there ought to be some repercussions and if it were my decision, some amount of jail time could be appropriate, not sure.

it opens up a can of worms though if he is thrown in jail. as @Master_Live said.

Looked up the law, and there's nothing either way.

There's this:

Is There A Duty To Rescue?

Generally, there is no duty to rescue and a person cannot be prosecuted for doing nothing while another person is in peril. However, in some circumstances where there is a special relationship between parties, a person can be held liable for failing to rescue someone in peril.

What Kind Of Relationships Create A Duty To Rescue?

Some examples of relationships which create a duty to rescue include:

  • A carrier owes a duty to render assistance to a passenger in peril,
  • A ship to rescue its seamen who have fallen overboard,
  • An employer to aid his employees injured in the course of their employment,
  • An owner or occupier of premises to aid his invitees,
  • A jailer to aid prisoners in his custody,
  • A host to aid his guest, and
  • A school official to aid his students.

Is this real? In my country, if you see an accident or fire or someone hurt, you have to at least call the emergency number and do what you can to help people.

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Only ones that I would trust with BG3 are Larian and Obsidian.

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@Sevenizz said:

You think a drug like this would exist if not for money? Let me guess, a US pharma developed it, right? You see any innovation come from these socialist healthcare countries? What’s that - no?

Yes this drug is priced out of reach for most people, but the research, testing, marketing, and development must’ve been staggeringly expensive. Especially for such a rare disorder.

You know why the US has some of the best healthcare and innovation in the world? Yup, you guessed it - $$$.

"Socialist" Finland with it's free healthcare is the best in cancer research and treatment:


My tax euros well spent

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That's it?!? Was my thought after the 3rd episode. Huge let down, how easily they dealt with the Night King. Arya only stabbed him with the pocket knife when he could stand in dragonfire. How did she even get there? Area was surrounded by enemies. Complete deux ex machina moment. And not the only one of the episode.

Bran using his mystical shit, would've been much better option.

The battle itself didn't make any sense either. Why would you waste your light cavalry on a frontal charge? With no support? And then you act surprised when they got wiped? The Charge of the Light Brigade moment. The Unsullied seems to be the only ones who carry shields and helmets, no wonder they're so revered and hard to beat. Fire arrows and flaming rocks from onagers and trebuchets.. ugh. Sam lying god knows how long in pile of walkers and survives? Every main character was surrounded at one point or another and always survived.

Don't really know which battle scene was worse: this one or the Battle of the Bastards.

Would it really hurt their insane budget to hire someone who's an expert on medieval warfare and let him explain how things work.

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@Stevo_the_gamer said:

@Icarian: Media are not exempt from following lawful commands from police, they are not exempt from the law. Again, as I already explained, the Sacramento Bee wanted to be the story, not cover it.

But they're in this case: https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/codes_displaySection.xhtml?lawCode=PEN&sectionNum=409.5

"(d) Nothing in this section shall prevent a duly authorized representative of any news service, newspaper, or radio or television station or network from entering the areas closed pursuant to this section."

The mayor in this case admitted that the police can't stop media from doing their job: "Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg tweeted in the early morning on March 5. “No matter the reason an order to disperse was given, no member of the press should be detained for doing their job.”

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@Stevo_the_gamer said:

Reading a recent "attack" on journalist on that site.


The issue was SacBee wanted to be the story, not cover the story. This is why "fake news" gets traction. When you are given 2 hours to disperse with a variety of commands from law enforcement officers on the ground, in vehicles, and from the helicopter... And you remain with the protest that's vandalizing and declared an unlawful assembly ... You cry foul when you're forcibly moved and detained for *breaking the law*?

Thanks for the overtime though Sacramento.

Like it's mentioned in the article: media is freed from following orders to clear the area. Their job is to report and record what happens. The cops fucked up.

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@uninspiredcup: this would be exactly something valve would do. They forced people to get steam with HL2 so keeping next HL game a ransom to some new tech would fit their MO.

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This isn't news. Everyone knew that this would happen.

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Knowing how fast Martin writes this probably won't be out before 2025.