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ILuvCharmed1s Blog

New Video

Hey Ive created another video. Most of you shud like it more dis time lol. Its Seether and Amy Lee. Broken. Hope you like it its in my videos. Its Cloud and Tifa this time. What do you think?

Pride and Glory of Wutai (New fan-fic)

OK what do you guys think of my new fan fic. The old one never got finished cuz basically it sucked haha. Well thsi one is called "Pride and Glory of Wutai" which is the story of final fantasy VII through the eyes of Yuffie Kisaragi. This is using some of the events from Before crisis (not a lot seen as I have never played it) all the way up until Dirge of Cerberus so if you haven't played any of them and don't want spoilers then stop reading when I tell you to (I'll put chapter numbers when it gets to DoC parts in the other post) Please don't comment in this blog post, comment in the other one if you have anything to say. Well anyway hope you like it ;) 

If you wanna, Write about my fan fic here

If you wanna send a message of my fan fic write them here its better when you want to read the story if we keep messages seperate from it. So what do you realy think of it so far and be honest if it sucks say it sucks if it rox (so not gonna happen) say it rox lol.

I'm back (De Ja Vu all over again)

I know i know I've said this so many times but this time I mite actually be able to stick around for a while. I've had trouble getting on GS for a couple of months (it seems to be working again) so now i'm on. I only had a chance to go online at skool but I have so much work to do I never have time to have fun at skool :( so sad. Well anyway in cases any of you care I am back if you don't care then good for you. Hey does any1 know if it's possible to change your name. I'm sick of Charmed now and am sick of every1 thinking I'm female even though I'm male too lol. Well If you read it thanks if you didn't then you wouldn't even read what I considered putting here lol.

I made a couple of AMVs

One of them is called "when there was Rinoa and Squall" this uses the song "when there was me and you" and the other is FF VII AC, VIII, X and X-2 with the song "we're all in this together". Hope you like them. But go easy, they are my first attempt.

I'm back (Da ja vu)

Hi guys this time I am actually back and I will post more. Last post meant nothing I came back and di nothing lol. Sixth form HomeWork is starting to die down a little (praise be to Yevon lol). I will definately try to be more active. 

Hi Guys I'm back

Hi I decided to return to GS. I won't be very active (things are a little hectic at the moment) but I am back and will start posting again. Pretty short post just wanted to let you guys know (if you care) that I'm back

Bored! So i'm taking a break.

I have been pretty inactive for a while now. I've barely done anything on all the unions. Might as well make it official. I'll give the union to Darmi (and hopefully when I return it won't be destroyed, though I'm sure I won'r have to worry). If you wanna demote me from the unions from officer you can. It won't matter to me. I'll return eventually but not anytime soon. Unless I get really bored and find myself enjoying GS again. I might come on sometimes to see how the unions are doing but I won't do alot. perhaps just post a little.
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