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I Suppose All Good Things Must Come to An End

...Thought GS when they decided to shut down the unions. I'm gonna miss this place, met a lot of great people and had a lot of fun times. But without my main reason for being here gone, no reason for me to stay either, thats why the unions go down, I'll be leaving the site. I might still come on for gaming events like E3, TGS and the like, but as far as being active here, its over.

Hard to believe after almost 6 years here I'd be leaving a site I called my internet home, but the unions have been on declining path in recent years so the news of them not carrying over was more disappointing then surprising. Speaking of meeting a lot of great people, I'll give a quick shout out to them, if I don't list your name, chances are I forgot to add you :lol:






























Now most of those people have left GS years ago. Most I see on other forums, others on skype but still....:P

For those looking for a forum to go to after unions are gone, Shadow made one, the Lazy Folcks Forum. If you're interested, pay us a visit.

Signing off for the last time...

See ya'll round other boards!!



Whoa What Happened?

I know, been a long time since I blogged :lol:

Would have thought I had a load of things to say, but I'll keep it as short and sweet as possible :P

First off, still working at Subway, but looking for a new job, one with a future lol Been working there for about 8 -9 months now so the novelty of sandwich making has pretty much worn off now. The cookies there are good, though they should rename those things diabetes cause they're so bloody sweet!

In my music life, Red released their new album Release the Panic (Way back in February lol) and I'm loving it. "If We Only" is my favorite track on the album. Three Days Grace frontman Adam Gontier left the band (:cry: ) and his temporary no Adam Gontier. Also been meaning to listen to Skillet's new album Rise, don't know why I keep forgetting to give it a listen smh.

I finally beat Arkham City after all this time after picking it up again. Plan to give the Harley Quinn Revenge DLC a go once I get the urge to pick up my controller again. Also saw the unveiling of Xbox One. I'll be the first to admit I'm a Sony fan and don't like MS, but dam that was disappointing. Even worse was the rumors surrounding proved TRUE!!! Net checks every hour? WHY?! Letting a friend borrow a game only to make that game become permanently locked his system? WHY?! MS has some explaning to do at E3. Speaking of which, looking forward to that. Wanna see more PS4 games and even tho Nintendo won't technically be at E3, still excited for them as well.

And finally, the things I've created since my last blog (In spoilers so the page doesn't slow down)



Speaking of designing, I finished in 2nd place in the MDL tourney. Sad I know but I did way better than I thought :P

I've got nothing else to say, see ya round the boards!

Down On An Overture

Not really sure how to start this blog tbh lol.

Anyway, how's everyone been? Got some news to share, mostly or all good.

Firstly, I finally got a new dualshock controller for my PS3 after almost a year lol I also got two new games


I've beaten them already and they're absolutely amazing. And for good measure, I'm playing through them again, which...partly explains my recent absence from GS :P The other part being I don't really feel like coming on much right now and I don't expect that to change for the time being.

Also, I passed my road test! :D Now I'm just waiting for my license to come in the mail...and enough money for a car lol. My family also got Verizon internet recently, which means I don't have to wait an eternity for a page to load, youtube vids buffer like a dream and things download sooooo fast.

And finally designs!

 -Text says Distortion Alert

 -In honor of KH 1.5 and current blog header

 -New banner for my blog.

I now have nothing else to say. See ya!!

Happy New Years! + Other Stuff

First off:

Here's wishing everyone a prosperous new years. And a happy belated Christmas.

If you're wondering why I didn't blog about Christmas, well, here's my thought: I didn't want to blog about my GS anniversary, Christmas AND New Years, would just seem like a waste of time, so I decided to wait until to blog. As you all know, the 22nd of December marked my 5th year on GS, dating back to my Curtis1560 days. April marks a full year I've used this account. Tomorrow is the Gotei 13 Union's fifth anniversary, not bad for a union in this day and age to still be active.

On a gaming note, I got a new game.

Yep, planning to play the series in order, eventually I'll get 2, then 3, but right now, the first one is so epic it should be illegal.

Meanwhile, last week Saturday night I'm on my way to work, waiting for the light to give me the go to walk. A minute passes and the light changes and I proceed to walk across. I get halfway across the street when a driver blows his horn, I look at him and he's looking at me pointing and pointing, and out of the corner of my eye I see lights my right, by time I figure out what the driver is trying to tell me, the thing he's warning me about hits me square in the back, knocking me to the sidewalk I was trying to reach. I look back and a United States Postal Service truck (Not those delivery trucks couriers use to deliver mail, those 16-18 wheeler trucks) Good news: It didn't hit me hard me enough to injure me in anyway, though my parents did take me to the emergency room to make sure I was really ok. The bad news? My manager was so shocked when I told him that maybe out of concern for my health, told me to stay home till Saturday, meaning I won't be working, meaning this week won't be covered in my next paycheck. Now my mom is constantly asking me if I'm alright, which I am cause I'm not injured, though I'm being treated like a disabled person. But like I said, I'm fine.

In music, I've started listening to this dutch symphonic metal band Delain

They're pretty freakin' awesome, reminds me of Within Temptation, which makes sense considering that the band's founder (Martjin Westerholt) is a former member of WT and the little brother of Robert Westerholt, WT's guitarist.

And finally, a sig I made and currently using:

Have a happy New Year and see ya round the boards!!

A Blog For People Who Like Blogs.

I know what you're thinking: Humans would look pretty weird if we didn't have a nose.

Anways, hey everyone, recently noticed its been almost exactly a month since I've blogged :lol: Been busier than usual, my work schedule increased a little, and I've been playing multiplayer in BO2 to death. Speaking of which, here's my short review of the game.

Superb. An obvious step up from MW3 in terms of graphics, story and single/multi player. The single player places you in the shoes of a variety of characters from Alex Mason in the 1980's and his son David Mason in 2025. Raul Menendez, the main 'antagonist' of the game is my new favorite villain. He's not the "I do evil things because I'm evil" type of villain, he's a person who grew up witnessing greed and the evils of other countries, there's another thing but I won't spoil it :P For the first time in the CoD series, you can have multiple endings, the choices you make in the game WILL have a bearing on how the game ends and the scenes and dialogue you get, just don't kill Menendez in the end (Trust me....don't kill him just.....don't) Multiple endings is hardly innovative, but for an annual series, its a step in the right direction. Another nice touch is the ability to choose your loadout before each mission: Your main gun, sidearm, grenades and even perks are customizable. The challenges in each mission also keeps you coming back for more. As good as the story is, the ONLY thing about it I hate is the Strike Force missions. The AI just seems sluggish when you command them, leading to some irritating moments, but I can appreciate Treyarch trying to add variety to a series that gets a new game every year.

As for the multiplayer, I'm having much more fun (And much less frustration) with it then I did with MW3. Occasional lag aside (Maybe because of my net connection), it feels like how a multiplayer should feel like: Balanced, not pitting hapless newbs against prestige level players which is a problem I had with MW3, ended up cursing the game everytime that happened, but I've since sold it off so BO2 is now my new favorite CoD game. Overall score for Black Ops 2: 9.5 (Would be 10 if not for the Strike Force missions and occasional lag and matches cutting out)

Ok, so not so short but hey, it ain't as long as GS' review is it? :P Moving on, my family got Directv, one thing I noticed about it is how much less stress I feel with it compared to Time Warner Cable, which is odd considering I've never been to big on satellite tv *Shrugs*

And finally, the Mass Designers Lounge is holding a tournament which starts tomorrow. Last year I got eliminated in the first round, but this time I'm not a's hoping thats enough to get me to round 2 :lol:

And with that, the blog ends, I'll have try to have a more detailed one next time. See ya round the boards!!

So Two Bankers Walk Into a Bar...

...And you guessed, they saw a weasel. Moving on, Happy Belated Thanksgiving everyone, hope you all enjoyed it, I know I did with all that food I ate :P Seriously, I felt like I could retire from eating lol. Anyone took advantage of Black Friday yesterday? Me and family went out yesterday to see the lines at the mall and other stores and I tell ya, they were insane :lol: Some stores even opened late on Thanksgiving Day to accomodate all those people, word to the wise, get in line early for Black Friday, you might have to wait a few days but hey, you might get what you want. My family and I didn't even try to buy anything, to much chaos. Way to much chaos.

Also today, well, just an hour ago I bought:

Yeahhhh the game I've been fiending over for a week is now my possession :D. Had to sell off some games for additional store credit but hey I hardly ever play them anymore so no big loss :P So if you don't see me on GS for a few days, you'll know why :P

And finally, I managed break out of my mental block and made a few sigs:

Now if you'll excuse me, there's a certain game that needs my attention :P

Gots a job!!

S'right man this guy got a job after spending ages searching for one!! :D Its at the Subway restaurant near my house, so close I can walk there, which is good since I'll save money on transportation. I'm actually so close the manager said I had an edge over the other 5 candidates because of my close proximity to the place (Hope he hired me cause he felt I would make a good addition and not just bacause I live close to the place XD) Either way, I'm officially a working man again :D

Now then, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 comes out today, my cousin went to the midnight release and he said the line extended out the store straight through to outside, made me remember the midnight release for MW3 :lol: Not that I waited in that one, just passed by the mall and saw it :P

Before I forget, next month marks 5 years since I joined GS as Curtis1560, maybe thinking of throwing a party, but then again I'm not a party person contrary to popular belief :P

And lastly, here are the new sigs I made:

 -First sprite sig I've ever done

And with that, see ya round the boards!!

Once a Blog, Always a Blog

So...tell me if you heard this one before: Man wakes up one Friday morning, man goes down downstairs to take out trash, man ends tripping and falling down the stairs, man goes outside and FALL DOWN the porch steps. Then man throws away trash goes back inside his house brooding over his clumsiness leading him to wonder if it'll be the end of him. Sound familiar? No? Cause that was what happened to me yesterday. Words of advice, make sure you're not half asleep when you take out the trash, you might live longer >_>

Moving on, the rest of that day went off without a hitch...or trip. Been watching alot of anime lately. Thanks to megamannt123 I started watching:

Its main character Konata is pretty freakin' hilarious :lol: Also created a new MAL account since I forgot the name of my old one. If you wanna add me there, its HybridKing, pretty original huh? :P

Other animes I've seen include:

The adventures of an immortal detective. Its a pretty short series spanning 6 episodes but each episode spans over 40 minutes. Also rewatched Murder Princess, Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu (Fumoffu isn't a real word, do not look it up :lol: ) and Tears to Tiara.

Here's another joke. Guy walks into a union one day to find every thread deleted, man is shocked to discover this is not only NOT a glitch but that the union now will have to be rebuilt. This happens to not be a joke but what actually happened to Organization Kingdom Hearts which is...pretty weird considering this isn't something I've never seen before. Quite the mess, lotta memories from that place just gone in the blink of an eye *smh*

Anyway, design time (Never saying that again...)

 -Requested by macrules_640

 -Current sig.

Also joined the Mass Designers Lounge. If you're a designer, noob or not, come and join...if you want.

And with that, see ya round the boards!

Give Me a Reason (To Blog)

Hiyo how's everyones day? Good I hope. Anyway as you all might know, I've been trying to find a job for like...forever and I almost got one, or so I thought, I went to Manhattan (Yes I know I live in Queens) for an interview at a restaurant and when I got there...I was told they weren't hiring (:x). Apparently the person who referred my step-father to the job hadn't gotten the memo. Bus fare, time and effort put to waste but I did find out something useful: Dress shoes hate me :lol: My feer still hurt and there are parts of my feet with skin rubbed off. Moral of this? Dressing up sucks :lol:

The beta for Playstation All Stars is coming up. So far the things I've heard about the game is not encouraging, but I plan to see for myself if its a game worth buying. As for gaming in general, I haven't picked up any new games or DLC's but Resident Evil 6 and Assassins Creed 3 remain my top priority gaming wise. I also started played my PS2 again recently, it had been awhile since I played Rogue Galaxy (One of my all time favorite games EVER) and forgot just how fun it was. I opened up one of my old save files and battled the final boss again, talk about an easy fight :P Other games I played were KH2 (WHERE ARE YOU KH3?!), X-Men Legends 1 and 2 and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, nice change of pace from the usual chaos of my PS3 :P I considered downloading Odin Sphere from PSN last night but something told me not to, based on what I saw from the game after videos of it on Youtube, guess my gut feeling was correct.

I also discovered the simple pleasure of mobile games, specially Angry Birds, who knew shooting birds out of a slingshot into ugly pigs could be so fun? Viewing the destruction you cause is like nirvana for me :lol:

More anime I've been watching:

K-On, the story of the light music band Hokago Tea Time. For some reason I'm a real sucker for slice of life animes. :P, started watching Golgo 13 again, or as I call him, the man who'll kill you if you walk up behind him. :lol:

Animes I've finished: comedy aspect of this was pretty satisfying and the fight scenes weren't to shabby either. short series, only like 13 episodes long, still not bad though.

Alright, so any self respecting Three Days Grace fan should know they've come out with a new album:

This album is AMAZING!!! I can't stop listening to it for my life, not that I'm complaining, one of the songs off the album is the name of this blog :P In other music news, Linkin Park released a music video for their song "Castle of Glass" the video is pretty sick, then again all of their vids are awesome in my eyes :P Also, RED has announced the name of their next album, Release the Panic, due out February 15, 2013. Who's excited? *Points to self* :P Skillet has also said they'll release their new album next year. 2013's shaping up to be a good year musically for me :P

And with that, see ya round the boards!!

A Blog in a Bog of Fog...On a Log

*Looks at the blog title*

Yeah, I'm serious :lol:

Anyway, how are ya'll doing? Its been a pretty chilly week in NY so far, so much so I almost got sick...3 TIMES NOW. *Ahem* But anyway, I've been having a peaceful thus far, if not boring :P But some things did happen.

Made a new sig last week of Natsu Dragneel of Fairy Tail

 -When someone looks that angry, RUN :lol:

Also, got a new phone today

The Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G. A vast improvement over my old Samsung Seek. Why? FASTER INTERNET :lol: Also have a service provider courtesy of T-Mobile, marking the end of my time with Boost Mobile. I'm gonna miss them *Looks at new phone* Wait, no I'm not :P

Moving on, anyone notice this new disappearing comments glitch? Access your own account or someone's else and the number of comments to a blog won't show up. Simple fix, just click on your or the person whose blog you're looking and voila, the comments will show up. Not a big deal compared to some of the other glitches I've seen on this recently *Glares at BONK!* I'm watching you.

In baseball, how the hell did the Reds not advance to the NLCS? :lol: I mean really, they win the first two games and lose the next three. Just 1 more game they had to win, PLUS they were at home and STILL lost? I mean how does that happen? Anyway, I'm hoping the Yankees move on to the ALCS tonight, just need 1.MORE.WIN.

Finally, new animes I've seen "Sands of Destruction" stateside. Based on a game released by Sega. It follows the exploits of the World Destruction Committee comprised of: the violatile redhead Morte, who wields a giant blade and is hellbent on destroying the world, the easygoing blonde Kirie with a mysterious past and the Dwarf Bear Toppy who ends all his sentences with "Kuma"

Also re-watched the entire Slayers series from the first season all the way to Evolution-R. Forgot how good that series was. Well thats pretty much it...

See ya round the boards!!

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