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I'm alive - number 2

#259 - When Daniel Passarella was coach of the soccer team Argentina (1994-1998 ), he would not select players with long hair or earrings.

What is it with Argentina and... "interesting" coaches?

Is this really number 2? Or is it the "number 3" blog title with the same title and theme?...

So... ehm... my absence... I have gone through some rough times, waiting for the good times, thought about GS many times, considered coming back sometimes, oh wow this are some sucky rhymes!!! I'm alive and well and I am doing great... though, while I was finishing my college studies there were moments when I didn't feel alive at all...

So... ehm... I did tell myself I wouldn't return until my life was "stable" enough for me to log in every single week, sounds stupid but GS is best when you have a good connection to the community, and I recognize so few of the active users posting right now >_> ... anyway, I haven't really reached that "every week"-stage yet >____> so this isn't a true comeback!
One day I'll give you all a summary of my adventures from these past 8 months, but today I just wanted to log in and at least tell everybody that I'm OK, in case anyone was wondering... when E3 came around, it was just too hard to keep this place and the people that are here completely out of my thoughts.

I apologize in case I made anyone worry.

I might pop in a few times this week... emphasis on the word "might" >_____> *jumps on light cycle and drives away*

Not a moderator anymore... officially...

#258 - A California man set off 18 bug bombs in his apartment to rid it of cockroaches. The subsequent explosion shattered windows and almost blew the roof off. Live roaches were seen crawling through the rubble. - The Week Magazine

How relevant is this fact to my blog? ...I don't know, I just thought it was funny.

I just recently decided to take a short leave of absence from the mod badge. Which is why the emblem isn't there anymore. Havent had time to even post at the site and it didn't feel right to have people asking me about mod-related things when there are more active moderators floating around out there.

So why am I away so much? Am I sick or something? Not really... but.... I'm gonna steal a feature from one of my favorite users on the site, Katamari, and just add an insightful quote to my blog:

"Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness"

Sometimes, things have a habit at jumping at you all at once. One day you're living a calm and quiet life filled with laughter and butterflies... and a month later you're hit by a dozen problems and deadlines that you need to get a grip on yesterday... and soon enough you realize that you have to make some sacrifices to stop things from piling up on you. Being a moderator at Gamespot is one of the many great things that I have to give up before I go nuts, but I'll probbaly try to return to the mod team sometime down the line as soon as I've cured this mental illness of mine.

I'll still try to get back to Gamespot as often as I can, taking a complete break from GS isn't something I'm willing to do yet, but for a wittle while longer, I hope you'll be patient with me and my rabbit-hole ways.

Also, the current mod-team really is a great asset to the site, trust a guy whos been on the inside. I'll miss talking to them as much as I used to and I wish them the best of luck with their future contributions to the site.

This is getting repetitive

Sanitation workers in the United States die on the job at a higher rate than policemen or fire fighters.

The uncelebrated heroes.

My computer broke down again, borrowing my brother's laptop right now, for the next two weeks (or more) expect my presence here to be even more erratic than before >___>

PS. As soon as I've figured out how to download my newest photos and documents from my comp's hardrive... I'm gonna go nuts at it with a baseball bat...

I'm an uncle... again!

- Interesting fact #256 (yes, 256 again... because apparently I had already posted the last one earlier >_>):

The Universe is beige.

This was concluded when some scientists decided to take the color of the 200,000 closest galaxies and then mixing them together. They kinda skipped the emptiness in between so... I still want to say that the Universe is black :|

- Interesting fact #257:

The roar that we hear when we place a seashell next to our ear is not the ocean (ooobviously), but rather the sound of blood surging through the veins in the ear.

1.5 year ago I made a blog about my newborn nephiew, today that nephiew got a little brother.

[spoiler]  [/spoiler]

Apparently they arrived at the hospital at 7am this morning, after 2 hours (at 8:56) he was born... when my brother called a few hours later to tell us about the news I was like "WHAT?!? That's one fast baby".

Anyway, just came back from the visit. He's really cute and small and soft and... pink... not beige at all...

My computer almost broke

Interesting fact #256:

The Titanic was the first ship to use the SOS signal

That worked out well, didn't it?

A few days ago I helped my brother by a laptop, after comparing a few dozen different computers we found a good and cheap one that fit his needs, it's a lot more powerful than my computer.

The next day I try to start up my own stationary computer. The screen stays black, I don't hear that characteristic "beep" that I always hear when I start it up, but after a few seconds I did sense a strong scent of burned rubber... I thought: "that can't be good". I immediately turn it off. I decide to clean the inside (it wasn't really that dusty), I look for whatever it was that produced that scent with my eyes and my nose... I couldn't find it.

I start it up again, it doesn't work, no "beep", but no weird smell either. I go to sleep. Next morning (yesterday) it still doesn't work. I think stupid thing like "God, you have a great sense of humor". And I also think "goodbye E3". I clean it out again, I even remove and re-insert some parts. I decide to leave it alone without touching it for the next 24 hours, to really let it cool down.

Today, it started working again  ... TEH RELIEF. All my data is intact too. But I'm kinda nervous now... how long will it last? Was it one of the fans that stopped spinning? Will it be able to handle the strain of the coming weeks? *Cliffhanger*.....

I am not young enough to know everything... anymore.

So I skipped a fact last week, let us make up for that.

Interesting fact #254:

The state of Iowa has changed the name of the Department of Elder Affairs to the Department of Aging. Many people are objecting to the new name, especially when being referred to by the inevitable acronym.

Acronym? DOA? Dead on arriva... :lol: no wait, that's wrong. >.>

Fortunately (after some digging) I found out that the official acronym will be DA. Link. People are still objecting to the name change though.

Interesting fact #255:

68-year-old Linda Wolfe, has been married 23 times (most married woman in history according to some), and is currently looking for husband #24. - The Sun:

Apparently her shortest marriage was 36 hours >_>

Speaking of aging and the number 24, it's my birthday today and I turn 24 (really felt like this birthday came out of nowhere). Aaaand I feel like I'm the exact same person that I was when I was 16... just taller.

But aging is not so bad when you consider the alternatives... so let's celebrate. Yay for me.

My Early Crazy E3 Predictions

I rarely make blogs dedicated completely to video games but I can't resist making this one. The excitement for the coming E3 seems to be unusually high and that excitement has rubbed off on me.

But before we start, remember this: I do not need to give out a source for the things I write below, cause they are "pre-dic-tions", these predictions were made with the help of my crystal ball that I bought for $2.89 at McDonalds, it came with my Happy Meal.  In my opinion, you can not get a more reliable source than that.

Crazy predictions

PSP2 Revealed
Rumors about a Playstation Portable 2 aren't exactly new, but the speculating has increased dramtically since the PSP turned 5 years old in December 2008. Gamespot just had a recent Rumor Control article summarizing some past rumors and adding some new ones and after reading it, it really feels like this announcement is close enough to touch.
More predictions: It will be a UMD-Less 20+ GB PSP with a big touch-screen that you can slide up slightly to reveal the remotes (just like you do with some cell phones).

Team ICO reveals a new game

ICO was their first game released in 2001, here's a trailer on youtube. 4 years later, in 2005, Team ICO released Shadow of The Colossus. 4 years later, it's 2009, and we're waiting for another unique title with the same awesome atmosphere as it's predecessors... now in HD.
More predictions: With the news of an upcoming movie, I see an opportunity to make a new Shadow Of The Colossus game, in an attempt to make the interest in two different projects flow over to each other.

More Crazier predictions

New Halo
Yes, I said it. They'll probably announce that they're going to make ODST into a trilogy.

Xbox 360 Diet
Has microsoft ever made a slim version of their consoles? No. A complete re-design might be just what they need to shake that fat boy image off.

New Square Enix Game

Kingdom Hearts 3. Or possibly a Final Fantasy game for the Wii or DS in the same Universe as FF13 and Final Fantasy Versus XIII. They've done it before with Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings (DS)

Microsoft and Sony will both reveal more info about their motion sensing controller projects
The Micromote and Sonymote will be able to out-do the Wiimote in accuracy and range, you will be able to hit a TV from 50 yards instead of 10.

Most Craziestest Predictions

Price changes for all three consoles
Here's how I think it will happen: A bundle version of the PS3 will sell for $299 this summer, Xbox 360 will sell it's Arcade for $149.99 immediately after E3, Wii will raise it's price to $499 because Nintendo think they can get away with it.

Duke Nukem Forever will get a release date
November 09. When asked if that's 2009 or 2109, the producers and developers will cough, mumble and run away.

Shigeru Miyamoto will make an announcement
He will shed his fake ears and reveal that he is really an elf, and that the Zelda games are indeed an autobiography. He'll continue by claiming that name changes were made in the franchise to protect the true identities of the people in the games. This will of course be followed by rumors concerning the suspicious similarities between Reggie Fils-Aime and the lovable Gorons.

After E3
When ALL these predictions have turned out to be true (even the craziest ones), all Gamespot users will rush to the E3- and System Wars boards to try and make the first thread stating how boring and uneventful this E3 was. Then they will spend the next 6 months arguing about who had the worst keynote...

Wait, that last prediction isn't crazy at all.  Anyway, that's it. Can't wait to read all of your predictions and impressions in a few weeks. E3 is only 4 weeks away now!

Mod of the month? No way

Interesting fact #253:

Landfills are getting up to 30% less trash because of the troubling economy. - Seattle Times

See, there is always a silver lining. :P

So I just got this temporary emblem...

Mod Of The Month, love it. Thanks to the entire mod-team for the honours. ^_^ Don't care what anybody says, it's the best mod-team in the world. Thanks for helping me become a half-decent moderator, and thanks for to the rest of the community for keeping me here long enough to see this day, you guys rock too. :P

In other news... OMG, it's almost summer over here. I walk out the door an early morning with my jacket and, BOOM, the sun basically hits me over the head and I'm forced to go the rest of the way with my big fat jacket under my arm -_- I wonder how long it'll take before the ocean water warms up to a "tolerable" temperature. >_> Anyway, that all for now. Ends this with a sad bunny pic.

Statim is latin for immediately

Interesting fact #252:

The heart attack survival rate in Las Vegas is 53%. In Chicago it's only 2%

I'm guessing it has to do with all the security cameras they have and the fact that all casinos have security personal that are trained in handling defibrillators... still wouldn't recommend people to travel to Las Vegas if they have a weak heart.

3 things I need to talk about here, none of them have anything to do with heart attacks... sorta. First, the OTcars, the off-topic board's version of the Oscars, you should check it out stat ( =abbreviation of statim... I've been watching too many TV-series about doctors lately >.> ). I won 2.5 awards. Best Noob Mod, Best Signature and I shared the Nicest User award with GabuEx. Just in case everybody didn't hear it yet, I need to say thank you again to everybody who voted for me. Even though I might think that other users are more deserving of these awards and nominations than me, I'm really grateful :oops:

The Sig (or maybe Sigs) that won, funny that I decided to change my SIG 5 minutes before I was announced a winner :P : [spoiler]   [/spoiler] The New Sig that most of you have already seen (also, I got a new avatar ^.^):

Then there's the issue of my friend _LiquidFlame_'s new User Created Board, Flame's Galaxy. It's a board for everything and everybody so I encourage people to check it out stat and maybe leave a few posts or threads in/about anything that strikes you as interesting. This isn't Liquid's first board (let's leave it at that >.>) and we should try our best not to let this one follow it's older siblings into the valley of dead UCBs.

And last but not least... have you noticed some weird PMs in your inbox with the title "Dude just mentioned you in a comment"... and wondered "how the hell does that work"? Explanation here, it was mentioned in the latest Spam Filter (you guys read that don't you?). If you write @dude in a comment (switch dude with the username) then the entire comment will be PMd to the "dude" stat. If that doesn't make sense then read bigethan's blog post which I linked above or try writing "@" and then your own username without blank spaces in the comments below. I'm gonna use it from now on to reply to comments, if you don't like it then speak up and I might listen :P
And now, if you excuse me... I need to stroll around the forums showing off my new sig being the nice noob mod that I am.

Not infecting anybody on Valentine's Day

Interesting fact #251:

The first couple to be shown in bed together on prime time TV were Fred and Wilma Flintstone.

And they say stone age people don't get with the times.

So I got infected by a zombie-blog-chain-letter... Ehm, basically I'm gonna infect some people and then they're gonna infect 5 more people by making a blog too etc. etc. Well, I have a plan. >_>

Jaks_secret and Liquidflame infected me... so I'm gonna infect them back... that's 2 out of 5. Just noticed that Armoredcore55 is infected too so I'll include him as well. 3 out of 5.

If I can find two more people that are already infected then I will fulfill this deal with the zombie lords without forcing any more people to make stupd blogs like these... and if the zombie lords have a problem with that then I'll just borrow one of PJ24's shotguns. But I need two more infected people first :o

EDIT: People misunderstood me, you're not supposed to make a second infection blog, I'm infecting people that are already infected because I want the disease to STOP. Those who are getting double-infected by me, don't make extra blogs... king23 and gameeer1...they're infected too... so there, I'm done >______>

Oh, and this is a picture I took with my cell phone yesterday.

I have a crappy cellphone camera, I know -_- Some buildings down-town are covered by red lips and hearts (it's created with the help of special spotlights so nobody actually painted them all :P).

Another sign of Valentine's day: on the way to and from the library with a female friend, 4 different women came up to us and asked me if I wanted to buy a flower to my girlfriend... she's just a c|assmate of mine so it was pretty awkward. I said "No" to the first two, and to the third lady I said "COME ON". My friend started laughing so I bought her a single rose (for 3 effin bucks :x, I bet I can get a small bag with 200 rose seeds for that). Did that stop us from getting another offer... NOOOooo, a fourth lady comes up.
"I've already bought her one"
"A cute girl like that deserves more than ONE rose"

Anyway, Happy Valentine's day. And remember to watch out for evil flower ladies.