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My 3 favorite ADC

1) Corki The reason I like Corki is because, first off he is just a bad @$$ champion. Anybody that can pull off that epic Mustache is OK in my book! But seriously Corki has crazy burst and after getting Trinity Force it is lights out. The AA + Phosphorus bomb poke combination is just OP and so easy to do while the enemy ADC is last hitting. Once you get your ulti and Trinity Force you start to have massive damage every time your sheen goes off. Not only is that OP but his Valkyrie allows you to play aggressive jumping in for the Gatling Gun death blow combination, or lets you be passive and be able to get away or jump into position. Corki is just OP! 2) Vayne She is just so much fun to play. Her tumble allows to to get positioning in any situation, whether its running from someone, getting into position in a team fight, or chasing down someone for the kill. Her invisibility is just epic and the best thing about her is she is a hyper carry meaning its GG with a fed Vayne! Love her 3) Twitch My 3rd favorite ADC and this was a hard decision, would have to be twitch. I love Miss Fortune as well but Twitch is so awesome he had to be on my list. There is nothing more fun then pushing a wave of minions, acting like your going back just to go invisible and destroy the other ADC. Also twitch is so elusive it makes him so much fun to play. O ya and his Ulti LMAO GG