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I will no longer be using GameSpot as my gaming site "home".

If you wish to stay in contact please Add me on Giantbomb or contact me via PM or XBL/PSN Message.

Thank you so much for everything and I'll try to stop by, now and then.

Catch you on the flip side!


High Score List

If you already haven't heard The Enlightened Gamer Union is alive and kicking. So stop by, join, and post your High Score. I dare you to try and beat my Doom and Aegis Wing Scores.

P.S. Apple= owned by people trying to upgrade their iPhones/iTouches to software 2.0

Come on Apple, make your servers GO!

*Update* as of Saturday 12:51 am

Apple finally got the 2.0 firmware up. Some people got it on torrent sites for free without paying but I being the nice iTouch user purchased the upgrade for $9.95 so I guess my picture is now useless...well just imagine the skinny kid drops the fat one and beats him with a stick. Yea.

RRW Day 3

Counter-Strike 1.6

My first PC First Person Shooter. Great memories.

Enjoy My Video. Of me getting owned. A lot.

*Potential Offense Music in the Video, You have been warned*

Oh and I beat GTA IV 100%. Yay key to the city. And I pre-ordered Fable 2. Now, Gamestop gimme my free XBLA Fable 2 Pub Games. Now.

RRW: Day 2

Diablo 2

Since I didn't have a lot of time to install the real thing (or buy it) I DLed the demo last night.

I was Homes the Barbarian. I had a loin cloth and a small axe. Get out my way.

Enjoy the video of my "experience"

Tomorrow: Counter-Strike 1.6

The Next Day: Playstation?

Still Got It.

Yessir. My 360's coffin came today. Played GTA IV MP at friend's house, no real SP until I get my baby back. Enjoy one of the best games ever.