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Hiyono_spiral Blog


Well since everyone is pretty much banned...I guess this blog would be pointless :D I actually forgot about this website again until someone mentioned me not being banned from it "yet" on my facebook :D soooo.....hello whoever reads this

Happy New Year!

5 Days late, but better late than never :P

I graduate in June :D My friends that applied to my dream college (USC in columbia) said they got a letter last month and they got rejected O_o so I said "WTF you're suppose to get your answer in March, now I'm scared; but since they didn't give me one, maybe I'll get an acceptance letter in March" :| I hope so, it has everything I want =[ I don't think there is another college in SC that has Japanese

I've made a new AMV; its been almost a year since my last one Black Blood Brothers


Hi =]

OMG wont post it >=O

I'll have to type it myself :talk2hand:

Tie: i need to learn how to dance(waltz)

Tie: so i can become a princess :)

Raggy: shut the hell up

Hiyono: :lol:

Tie: >: O no

OMF :lol: