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Hitamaru-homia Blog

*Official System Wars Rules*... A.K.A dumb stuff that happens in SW

You will abide by these rules at all times!

1. you must use VGchartz(a 20 dollar site,that only makes guesses,not even Educated ones. Also Claims that it does world wide sales! Ok,if your site is so low tech,how are you getting these "world wide sales".)

2. 360-PC multiplats ARE not multiplats.(If it's on another "Platform" its a Mutli"plat=Short for platform)

3. PCs are not allowed in discussions!(... if it play games its allowed,"System" wars not console)

4. Gaming PCs cost 3,000!!! (A Inspirion 530/1 is $349,Includes 1 gb DDR2 ram,6150*Upgrade to 7300 Nvidia for $41*,With a AMD Semption 2.0 ghz*Faster then a 2.5 Pentuim 4*,this can run 94% of pc games.)

5. Xbox live has the best community(Only if you think Talking to 9 year olds,and racist jew hates are great)

6. Playstation 3 does 4-D... xD!( This is directed towards the"PS3 has the best graphics topics",Crysis anyone?)

7. Wii isn't next gen(Yes it is,Controlls anyone?)

8. Windows counts as a microsoft gaming Platform,so that means PC360 multiplats are actually exclusives(No! You need Ram,CPU(s),and Graphic cards to run pc games. Mac and Linux are slowing gaining games.Also Windows isn't a platform till MS licenses games).

9. you must Have a (Insert Console) and say it sucks compared to (Insert Console).(Half the time its a fake boy... so yeah)

10. you must let reviewers pick your games,if they don't get (Insert A+,AA,AAA,AAAA),you shouldn't even take a second look.(Its called opionions people,hey i like looking at reviews time-to-time. I can disagree or agree sometimes)

11. You must ask System wars to choose your next console;use the following format. I have (Blank amount of money),and ask which nex gen systems should you buy.(Dude,how can we influence your opinion? ... -.-. )

... My MGS4 bet,

So i posted in system wars bets,that MGS4 will sell over one million copies within 2 weeks of release,9/10 ima win this bet off the bat. I mean C'mon people. Every MGS game has sold over 1 million,and MGS4 is a system seller. No doubt it going to sell 1 million. but i could be wrong... >.