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New EditorShip

I am an editor of Tak and the power of Juju! Yesterday I got Back at the barnyard. This is so cool, I never knew I could be editor of these two shows.

314 Title(10 choices from Dong Bu Feng)

The Lake
The Royal Family
The White Lotus
The Boiling Rock
The Escape
The Enlightened
The Capture
The Dragon of the West
The Necklace
The Bloodbender

I think it is either

"The Enlightened"

"The Royal Family"

"The Lake"

"The White Lotus"

The others sound to weird

But the one that I think is the real one is The Royal Family, It may not sound right but The Firebending Masters we thought was fake.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2008!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2008!

I know I'm late, and I'm late because I got grounded over Winter break. (but i was allowed to watch tv and play game, but i had to stay in my room) I got grounded because I called someone on my bus a bad name that starts with "A" and ends in "E" try to figure it out :)

Anyway, I got a new mp3 player which holds 680 songs(its my first mp3 ever) I got 2 new board games, I got a new watch, I got 20Q, and more

I hope you guys had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

PS: Did you guys see the guy who jumped a football field? It was awesome!

oh yeah I'm also the editor for "Back to the Barnyard" because the old one retired!!! Im so happy!!!

Avatar 313-321 titles(possibly)

I got this off of a website while I was searching for info on "The firebending Masters", I dont believe it but it could be true(some of it)

Ep 314 Chapter 14: Firelord Ozai recruits
Ep 315 Chapter 15: The Prey of the Face Stealer
Ep 316 Chapter 16: The avatar state: P1- Seeking another Guru
Ep 317 Chapter 17: The avatar state: P2 - Chakra

Ep 318 Chapter 18: The Combustion man returns(Season finale Pt.1)
Ep319 Chapter 19: King Bumi(Season Finale Pt.2)
Ep 320 Chapter 20: The Search(Season Finale Pt.3)
Ep 321 Chapter 21: Firelord Zuko(Season Finale Pt.4)

I've seen The Western Air Temple!!!!

I've seen it!!!!!!!!

It's awesome!! but has anyone ever notice that it says Chapter 12 not 11? Cause DOBS was only 1 chapter, they were both chapter 10. So the creators made a mistake. anyway you gotta see this!!! It is the so AWESOME!!!!!! :D

Also, DongBuFeng wrote

Dylan here and the 313 title was revealed earlier today in chat. It is "The Firebending Masters." We will be doing title elimination for 314-317 as well. It is currently planned to put up the next title choices for 314 on New Year's Day.

Get ready on New Year's Day tofind out 314's episode title!