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L.A Exam/Another update(#3 already)

All I have to say about my L.A Exam is "YES THANK YOU" lol my teacher gave us more than half of the answers :lol: I'm not kidding! I only had to do only 20, and she did the other ones for us! She's cool! 8)

Here's another update of my profile(this is the 3rd one I did already)

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Exams/Early Release days/School days off/Song of the Week

Exams-I have exams this week :cry: boooooooo! I took 2 exams on Friday, and Im taking the rest this week. The 2 exams were easy(Math and Geography) but I hate doing them, they give me so much pressure. I just hope I pass it because it's worth a lot of points.

Early Release days- The good thing about this week is Im going to have Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday all Early release days!

School days off- Then Thursday Friday and next monday Im going to have off of school! So it's a 5 day weekend for me!! :D

Song of the Week- Every Sunday I'm going to do song of the week.

Today's Song of the Week is "I'm So Hood: Dj Khaled Ft. T-Pain, Trick Daddy, Rick Ross, & Plies"

Best song ever! No joke, you gotta listen to it.

I'm not going to post videos every week, but I just posted this one so you could listen to it. It's the best!

3.14 Title Revealed Tonight!

3.14 Title Revealed Tonight! More info here(directly from

~Dongbufeng~ NOTICE: Yes, chat is lagging an being hard to get into. For now we will still be holding the event in chat. If chat breaks, or is too slow, then check back to this post for updates on the plans for tonight.

Dylan here with the schedule for our 314 Title Reveal Chat Event on Friday. It will consist of Trivia and Title Eliminations throughout the night. The event will take place in chat. It starts at 5:00 PM EST.

The format for trivia this week will be new. Here's how it will work: From 5:00-8:30 PM EST, trivia will be held in parts. There will be 4. In each part, everyone who wants to compete, can. You must be in chat before the part of trivia starts, to compete in it. It is your choice which part you want to compete in. In each part, the rules of that part will be explained right before the part begins. You must decide if you want to participate in the part, before the rules are explained. You can only participate in one part. There will be one winner from each part. The 4 winners will move onto a final part of trivia at the end of the event.

Below is the schedule for the event. Yes it is complicated. And times are also subject to change. All times below are PM and in EST.

5:00-5:40 PM EST: Trivia Part 1

5:40: 6th title choice for 314 eliminated

5:45-6:15: Trivia Part 2

6:15: 7th title choice for 314 eliminated

6:20-6:50: Trivia Part 3

6:50: 8th title choice for 314 eliminated

7:00-8:00: Trivia Part 4 (There will be a half hour break somewhere in between)

8:05-8:30: Finial Trivia Part

8:35: 314 Title Revealed

8:45: Twist Revealed

So yes, if 314 airs on YTV Friday, you will know 5 minutes early, and it will be down to 2 choices anyway. Also, notice the twist at the end. You don't want to miss that.~Dongbufeng~

Choices left are

The White Lotus

The Dragon of The West

The Enlightened

The Boiling Rock

The BloodBender

I think it is going to be The Boiling Rock because in the Season 3 Magazine it says "We'll See Roku's Birthplace, The Western airtemple, and an Island located in a boiling lake"

It says Boiling Lake but "The Boiling Rock" is close enough.

New Game Systems(Credit to Anime1023)

I found these on Anime 1023's blog.

~Anime1023~heres some info about future video games and more

First off



rumours of this have been around since the launch of the Playstation 3. Sony has said that this console would be out arond 2010-2012, though in a website one person has stated.....

"Sony already stated that the PS3 will be around for 10 years and have a longer life-span than the other consoles in the market, so we won't see the PS4 anytime soon"

though i have done alittle research and i found this

PS1 Released 1994
PS2 Released 2000
PS3 Released 2006
PS4 Released ____

do you notice? a Playstation is relesed every 6 years so we might see this at the year 2012 unless sony decides not to relese a Playstation or not to relese it in 6 years

the games would be greater then Plystation 3 and have more features then a PS3. the graphics is going to be the better then any consoles. by the time the PS4 comes out i guess the PS3 is just going to be old news.




no picture is avialbe at the time but this is the info i know

they have said that the PS5 will be as powerful as the humen brain and would be around in the year 2018-2020 if sony deciedes to bring it. wow by the time that year comes ill be too old for video games thats all the info i know about the PS5 if i have more info ill post it




xbox 720

this console would have of course better graphics would be in 2011-2012 and that would put the 360 at a lifespan of 6 or 7 years. one person says

Xbox 720 offers an integrated HD DVD drive, dual HDTV tuners, an Electronic Programme Guide, and a Zune dock

this is going to be better then the Xbox 360




possible romote for wii 2


One person said this

Because of the heavily-funded development, Wii 2 is comparable or perhaps surpasses the PlayStation 3's capabilities

it could be more powerful then a PS3

and it would cost around $299-$399 rumours are that this would be available 2009 or even THIS YEAR! but i dont know yet

a roumour is that perhaps a WII 2 wont need an romote/ stick i wonder how we will play it though





THE PSP 2 would be available somtime in 2009-2012 this is the first image of the PSP2 it would have more special features in it and be more powerful then the PSP 1. thats all i know about this system~Anime1023~

These game systems look AWESOME! I cant wait till they come out!

Zoey 101 is NOT Cancelled!!!!!!!(inside source)

I got this info from this website (im so happy its not cancelled)

Zoey 101 fans will be happy to hear that the popular teen show is NOT cancelled! Nickelodeon had been rumored to be pulling the remaining new episodes of Zoey 101, starring Jamie Lynn Spears, however, that is simply not true.

A Nick representative assures that Zoey is safe. "The reports are false. The show will air as scheduled."

A farewell movie aired last night, Goodbye Zoey. The new episodes will start airing in February.