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New union: We're almost for go! Just one more thing!

Cools then. If you guys are willing to help. The first order of business is founding the union. We'll need a banner (760w x 140h) and a cool icon (80w x 80h). I'll work on one. If you guys could do the same and then we can decide which one is the best. Email any banner or icon to hikiera@gmail.com . The banner should have "Global Union" but the icon can have just "GU" since it will be registered as such in short form.

New Union update! - I'd like your opinions...

Hello all! citizen-legend suggested the Global Union as a name for our union. I would like your comments. As soon as we can start up the union the better. Also if you have any subject matter you'd like to base topics on, let me know here. We're looking to cater for everyone! One big "Global" family! :P

New Union

Hey Guys and Girls. An interesting thing happened just recently. Kaldoran contacted me and suggested I start a union. The suggested name was the SA Gamers union. How many of you would like to help start a union with me? Any suggestions? Although I don't think the union would be restricted to just South Africans, thus the name might need a review, but a fresh approach to union management and a recruitment of new ideas and a different range of topics would be a welcome change. I mean topics that really do challenge some thought as well as those topics that have to do with gaming. Please I really would like to hear some of your opinions and if you're interested in helping with setting things up (banners and logo's etc.) or becoming an officer... - Please send me a PM. If I am going to do this, I really want to do things right.

1. Have an idea of what we will be about.

2. Make a union that would reflect everybody's interest.

3. Have fun! :P

Power Cuts in South Africa

South Africa has experience a power shortage for some time now. It's time that the rest of the world understand why. But in order to do so. One has ask a few questions. Like why is it that South Africa has only one power station? Namely Koeberg - a Nuclear power station with a critical design flaw. Why were 16 power stations  shutdown over the past few years?  And more importantly how is it that the CEO of Eskom knows he can get away with this?

The design flaw of Koeberg power station is that there are two reactors and two turbine but there is no way to feed steam from e.g. reactor 1 to turbine 2. This means that if reactor 2 is down and turbine 1 is down... we're f*****.  If you take France as an example of good power management, you will find that they have 160..... yep that's right! 160 power stations! South Africa has... 1! The question of how this happened? Well with the new employment by-laws it so happens that corruption is rife in South Africa... in it's companies and even in it's government. This is not new news so I can't be condemned for saying this and with our brilliant constitution :P (that is the best in the world...really it's a good read! But has no implementation, except with the part about the rights of criminals). Anyway, where was I... aah yes corruption! Higher management sought out to get a huge pay raise, so they did the only thing any idiot who wanted money would do. They carelessly closed down all the other power stations and gave the workers packages. That gives an explanantion for all the unemployment in our country. But in doing all this, not only did they leave the country in darkness for infinite periods of time with a cost of billions to other companies but they left the country vulnerable to a break down in infrastructure. The problem with firing alot of people is that some of those people have experience and alot of them are educated. And when the educated lose their jobs they leave the country in search of a new job. This leaves imbiciles behind to look after the infrastructure.

Now in most coutries, a company like Eskom would be made to pay for all the billions lost to the country and it's people. But not in South Africa. Her people for too long have put up with the rubbish they have been put through. How can a corrupt system convict a corrupt group of executives anyway. It's like the pot calling the kettle black! It's not that nobody complains. Everybody in this country is happy to complain and point fingers, but not enough to take action. A good example is the government in charge. Everybody knows they are corrupt but every year they are voted in and reason is because criminals want criminals in power and ignorant people follow others that tell them what is best for them and make promises to them even though they never get what is promised to them. And that is the answer to the final question: "How does Eskom intend on getting away with this?" If you don't take action, nothing changes. With friends in high places (and a few high level executives that originate from the ANC party) and no one stopping you you can do what ever you want.

I just hope that this article acts as a lesson not to stand back and let others walk all over you. That's all I have to say! Anyway if you read the article, thanks for taking the time!

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Yeah it was my Birthday on Sunday. Now I'm 24! I thought I'd make this my first blog. But I'm not the only one who turned 24. I thought this can be a brilliant time to wish my twin sister HAPPY BIRTHDAY, as well.