Games I'm Playing

Game Release Date GameSpot Score Hermes33's Score

Elite: Dangerous

Elite IV is finally here! Muahaha yesss! The sound design is awesome too.


Red Dead Redemption

Best game ever made? Possibly.


Star Trek: Klingon Academy

Must... finish... this... game!! (it still crashes randomly, even with the recent fix for modern PC's, and you can't save mid-mission which exacerbates the problem! Aaargh!) Christopher Plummer's acting is just too good though that I MUST.. finally see this old classic through to the bitter buggy end! Even with all the bugs and crashes, it's amazing that after all these years this is STILL one of the best "space" games ever made (best 'Star Trek' game at least). I think this was one of the last few great space sims before we started to see "the great dumbing down of videogames" infest the games industry; I think the primary cause for this was corrupt corporate PR and Marketing executives who decided for us that we aren't intelligent enough to play these types of games anymore (because the ones who almost totally destroyed this game didn't have a clue; ask the devs who got fired the day after the game was released for the full story). Enough! IF you will excuse me now dear reader, there are some evil Federation starships awaiting a little warp nacelle removal surgery with my photon torpedo scalpel...


Thief: Deadly Shadows

Atmospheric! Not as good as Thief II: The Metal Age... but I never did finish this and now I want to.