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Hells_rebelion Blog

League of legend woes

Extremely bored, League of Legends is kind of growing old with the same old people saying the same old things. I can't fathom why people have to be so ignorant and misguided. It's annoying when you are trying to enjoy the game and someone's in the background mouthing or harassing you. I understand you can use the ignore option but then you are barred from seeing any sort of useful info (Such as MIA's and so on). I understand the arguement "But it's a free game and you'll get people on there doing those kinds of things" but why does a free game have to be full of idiots? What is it about something free that draws those kinds of people?

Double Dribble

Just got a double dribble arcade machine, I never really played it as a kid but it's so much fun. I've been itching for an arcade cabinet for a while now. More than likely we will just fix it up then sell it though, guess I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

Ok so....

Don't have much to say but I'll give you a low-down on some of the games I'm playing. Recently bought Dark Crusade. This game was well worth the 30$ price tag. Although Necrons seem to be a little overpowered (Hopefully they fix it in the next patch). Also just got Company of Heroes. Also a well worth 50$ price tag! Very fun game I have always been a big WW2 buff....What can I say? lol Also although I have owned fear for a while I've been kinda getting back into it because my dads clan plays it......It's a little to UT: 2004 like....but it's still a decent MP game...I liked the singleplayer of it better though. Well these are really the only games I have had time to play or felt like playing lol.

Wow it is hard to find a 360

Me and my parents are looking for a 360......Everyone is really crazy on their prices. We called someone local that had it in the paper and they wanted around 800$ for the CORE SYSTEM! Seems kind of nuts right? Most online are around 1,000 or so! We did find out Walart and other stores are getting weekly shipments so I shouldn't be to worried. I really didn't want to skip school and stand in line for 12 hours just to get a 360. Most of the people that were standing in our Walmart line were idiots from bigger cities. They thought OH this is a small town maybe they will have a small line? We live in a small town and I thought we wouln't have a big line! Well I was really wrong!