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I would never thought i'd say this but.......

Pearl Jam is a godly band:

Originally, before I listened to this beauty of an album, I absolutely hated Pearl Jam. I criticized them everytime I heard their songs on the radio, and I spat at them everytime I heard that they were more talented than Nirvana. Then one day, for some dumbass reason, I decided to stream their brand new album on Napster to see how much I would hate it. But something unimaginable happened. Something so horrifying, that I knew it would open the doors to a frightening world that I wouldn't be ready for. What happened you asked?

I loved it. I loved the album that came from the one band that I hated so much, and I cursed myself for it. Then by some strange oddity, when I streamed the rest of their songs, I immediatly loved them all. What is this devilry? Is some unknown force telling me something that I should hear? Is this a sign of things to come?

But any way I look at it, I know that Pearl Jam's newest release is a perfect rival against Tool for the Best Overall Albom of the Year. All I have to do is wait for DJ Shadow's "The Outsider" album. Until then, Pearl Jam seems to be the winner:


And then I also bought:

I don't really have much to say here, since i've loved Soundgarden for the longest time, so I might as well say that Superunknown is a nearly flawless album that any grunge fan, or any music fanatic for that matter, should definetly pick up.


And now for a blast to the past:

What happens when you leave Led Zepplin and The White Stripes alone in a bedroom together for a very long time, then taking them to the hospital to give birth to their newly conceived child? Wolfmother is what comes out, and they sound goddamn awesome. It definetly sounds like they've grown up on only 70's rock, while listening to some Queens of the Stone Age as well, and that's exactly what the whole album is compiled of. But the bad news is that they're way out of their time to be a truly memorable group at all. Wolfmother's debut album is a great album, but if you've been listening to the hype that surrounds this aussie band, prepare to be disappointed.


And now, for the chicken man:

Now, this is coming from Jared Hess, director of Napoleon Dynamite from 2004, so that and Jack Black are pretty much the only reasons that I saw this film. And to tell the truth, I can safely say that this is one of the funniest movies of the year. If you're not into random, off-the-wall, zany humor, then you'll probably not enjoy it as much. But even so, Jack Black is easily reason enough to see this movie. That, and it's named 'Nacho' Libre. Who wouldn't see a movie named after a tasty snack?................Well, maybe lactose intolerant people......>_>..


So, moving on to more important stuff....

The damn dog got out again this morning. Ran all over the block, me chasing after her with a net(not really, but I wanted to). Fortunately for me, a fellow kitten helped me out. The dog saw her and ran towards her, only to stop abruptly to the sound of hissing, an arched back, and a mean face. When she got close, teh kitten jumped at her, claws all sharp for her to see. But then it got chased up a tree, and I grabbed the dog in time. THANK YOU KITTENZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!


This month, I shall go see the following:


And maybe Metallica's St. Anger and be your own PET albums....

I must go. But before I do:

If you find this fat bastard, hunt him down. Ass stole my stuffed walrus. :cry:

Bouncy Bounce.

GB and GN.

Love Me Now, Hate Me Later....

Back again. Let's get a few things out of the way here first:

Now, i've never really been a fan of this guy or his music, but his new album is just amazing. I can't really say if it's his best album(because I haven't heard his older stuff, obvious ****), but I can say that it's definitely one of the best albums of the year. Not THE best for those who will assme I said that, but one of them. 2006 isn't over yet folks. But getting back on track, there are a few repetitive tracks and uneccessary references, but fortunately, there are so few of these on this record. I know many people hate rap, and Ice, but if you don't, Laugh Now, Cry Later is, in my opinion, an excellent pick.


Decemberunderground is AFI's newest release in 3 years, and compared to Sing the Sorrow's blaring loud sound, it feels watered down as you move on track by track. Maybe they're trying to span out their style while retaining some punk in the music, or maybe they just want a darker feel to every album they release. But either way you look at it, Decemberunderground is at best a good, but not great, album. Ever since Black Sails In the Sunset, they've seemed to evolve into a different style. That can be a good thing, but it can also be bad. It's your decision.

And sorry Tool, but it looks like The Outsider just might be the best album of the year.

And yes, I am that much of a fanboy of his work. Sad, I know. So shut up.

So anyway, what is the good news this month? Oh, I dunno.....how about another failure for Bush? I don't really care about this sort of news, since it doesn't affect me, but it's nice to see that this still is America after all.

And since we're on politics, let's talk about the "most frightening movie you'll probably ever see by far":

We all know that Al Gore is a left-wing Democrat, so it doesn't surprise me that he himself, or someone else, would do a film about global warming and how we're destroying the earth and such. I haven't seen the movie myself, but since it's getting outstanding acclaim, i'm more compelled to see it.....not to metion scared as well.

Do I really need to tell you not to see this uneccessary remake? The only viable reason this was made is because of the date, 6.6.06.......and because Hollywood is running out of ideas. It's been getting some mixed reviews, but most of the signs point to no. Follow those signs.

And lastly:

I don't really know why I want to see this particular film, but maybe it's because I like MPR, National Public Radio. It may not be based on that show altogether, but my guess is that it's pretty damn close. It might just be on my Top 50 list this year.

So I think i've run out of things to talk about......meh. All you need to know is this:

Aqua Teen Hunger Force kicks your ass:

Jefferton Alive!

GB and GN.

So yeah.......

The Da Vinci Code was not surprisingly disappointing:


Which is too bad too, because Ron's movie from last year, Cinderella Man, was outstanding. His latest film just gives you too many answers too quickly in the beginning, and it just seems like it's not very suspensful enough to keep you entertained. It is however, an interesting concept for a story that is worth seeing the movie just once. If you've read the book, you'll most likely be disappointed, and if you haven't, it's worth a look. But overall, you're just better off reading the book.

And we also have the new champion for "Worst Movie of the Year":


This is not only a remake of a great movie, but it's also not even scary or suspensful at all. In fact, it seems like you want the killer to just quit the stalking crap and just strangle her. Hell, you yourself feel like you want to get the job done. But then again, what other terrible horror movies didn't want you to think that? This piece of trash is not even good as a coaster, let alone using it for a target pidgeon. If you want good horror movies, don't look forward to today's or soon-to-be-released trash. Just watch the actually good ones, like Videodrome, or the Shining.

And finally:


Dear God, does this movie kick ass. The main reason for me loving this cheesy, laughable B-movie horror flick is........well, because I love cheesy, laughable B-movie horror flicks. The Blob is a cult classic for a reason, and I don't see any reason for you not to see it........unless you hate movies. Then i'd have to hurt you......with........a milk carton. Filled with cement. Capice? (Or however you spell that damn word...)

So moving on to more important stuff, I got EP's:

^^^^^^^^^^^Slow Riot

Hey, I wasn't gonna find 'em anywhere else, so what the hell? I'm a Godspeed You Black Emperor! freak, and a Mars Volta at that, so might as well.

And then there is this issue:

Damn, I want this game so bad. I'm selling my Animal Crossing game for $20, so i'll be sure to get this one......of course, there is the fact that I don't have a wireless router, so I can't play online..........oh well, I heard the single player is awesome, so i'll stick with that.

And then there is my anger problem......yes, I have an anger problem. It's the dog's fault, really. >____>

But i'm going to have a heart attack soon if I don't get my short (make that VERY short) temper go away, it's heart attacks and high blood pressure land for me. ^_________^

So if you've been to anger management or had any problems, you can act as my savior........for$5........okay, $1. *-_-

And great news: Decemberunderground in three days, but you can check it out now. Hot damnity.

And, since you actually took the time to read this, here's my mom and dad:


That would explain the old geezer bugging me about getting me that Woodstock movie. >_<

Which is only the greatest concert eva, fo'.

So bye. Got to see the Omen soon.

(Please help meh. )

GB and GN.

Make that four more things......

First off, let me get this out of the way and say that New Super Mario Brothers kicks foot. Get a DS and get it now.......along with Advance Wars: Dual Strike. The i'll be happy.


Number 4:

Think of them as a mixture of The Clash, Franz Ferdinand, and maybe just a hint of the Beatles. But either way you want to compare them, the Arctic Monkeys deliver on this truly unique and outstanding record. They are, in my opinion, better than Placebo and Wolfmother, but we'll just leave it with that fact that this brand new UK group kicks so much ass, shall we?

Number 5:

In The Aeroplane Over The Sea is an old album, like 1998 old, but ever since i've gotten it, I can't really stop listening to it. Maybe it's because the lyrics don't make any damn sense. Maybe it's because the melodies are extremely catchy and addicting as hell. Whatever it is, it's awesome, it's accessible, and most of all, it's silly. Really silly. So go out and get it now.

Number 6:

It was bound to hapen wasn't it? I mean, I AM a fan of comic books, not to mention movies as well >__>, so what else would I want to see this weekend? But anyway, X-Men III is not only a great movie, but it's a great sequel. Most of the time, the third movie in a series usually sucks the most, (I.E. Scary Movie, Jason, Police Academy, etc) but I can safely say that this is the best in the trilogy. Probably because it has the Juggernaut, or because it's such a damn good summer flick. If I were to guess, this is probably one of the top 10 greatest summer sequels of all-time, but that might be too big an assumption. See it now.


And Number 7:


They just own everything. I don't know why, either. *glug glug* *munch*..............get your own box, you ass.

So.......yeah......*flings plates*.......>__________>


GB and GN.

Three things that literally make you want to fling a cat into outer space.....

And eat gummy caterpillars as well.

Number One:

It's funny how I watched the band on Conan O' Brien for about 15 seconds, and immediatly loved them. I've listened to this album, and it is mind-blowingly awesome. Think of it at Marvin Gaye and Danger Mouse having a love-child, which would be agonizingly disgusting as hell, and the music industry kidnapped him and held him for ransom.............somewhere along the line there at least. Get this album.

Number Two:

Let's face it; I loved the SMB series ever since I placed my grubby, puny little hands on an NES controller in someone's basement and started playing profusely. And New SMB retains that lovely little feeling inside that is almost equivalent to winning a teddy bear at the carnival that has laser eyes and likes tea party's. I guess. ON TO METROID PRIME HUNTERS!!!!!!

And finally, at Number Three:

I cannot think of one film at this moment that made me feel so joyous and merciful for 2 hours and 7 minutes. You may think it's just another "shock-value" flick, but actually, it's more along the lines of......shall we say, a  hybrid of "Schindler's List" and "It's A Wonderful Life". It's hard to explain this film other than it being so goddamn great, and you should stop eating gummy bears and view this baby at once. Rly.


Plus, I found this at a garage sale:



So lessee here, The Da Vinci Code tomorrow, X-Men 3 after that, then who know what after that. Kick. Foot.

Oh, and before I forget, God called today.

He wants his ****ing film rights back!!! :evil:


GB and GN.

Because I am completely bored out of my skull.....

Rate my taste in music please:


Etta James

Country Joe and The Fish

The Doors

Cat Stevens

Simon and Garfunkel

The Who

Fleetwood Mac

Jim Croce

Crosby, Stills, and Nash

Queens of the Stone Age

ZZ Top

David Bowie

The Eagles

John Lennon

The Tempations

King Crimson

Marvin Gaye

Stevie Wonder

Ray Charles



Bruce Springsteen

Led Zepplin



The Rolling Stones



The Flaming Lips

Mr Bungle

System of a Down

Rage Against The Machine


DJ Shadow

Daft Punk

The Chemical Brothers

Aphex Twin


The Hacker

Neutral Milk Hotel

The Clash

Danger Doom

The Allman Brothers Band

The Beatles (obviously)

Pink Floyd (obviously, again)

Lynyrd Skynyrd

Jimi Hendrix

The White Stripes

Nine Inch Nails



Fatboy Slim

Soul Coughing


Green Day

Marilyn Manson

Dir En Grey

Disturbed (unfortunately)


The Prodigy

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (Don't)

Coheed and Cambria

My Chemical Romance (again, unfortunately)


A Perfect Circle

David Gilmour


The Crystal Method

Rob Zombie



At The Drive-In

The Mars Volta

Arctic Monkeys




Godspeed You Black Emperor!



Johnny Cash

Frank Sinatra

Hank Williams

Jars of Clay (So what?)

Cold (Only liked Year of the Spider)

Linkin Park (don't you say a god-damn word)


The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Bob Dylan

Zack de la Rocha


Pearl Jam

Potato Moon (Local Band)

The Dust Brothers

Franz Ferdinand

A Gun Called Tension

A Fire Inside


Elvis Costello




Black Sabbath

Ozzy Osbourne

Alice Cooper


So......that's it. I'll update when I can.

Yes, this is noobish......I don't care. I'm bored damnit.

The Da Vinci Code tomorrow.

'Till then,

GB and GN.

Hooraz, i'm dead......

Because my Xbox controller, which i've had with me since 2003, has just gone to ****. And what a better time too, because I had just bought a brand new game:

I think it's been like 2 months since I last purchased a game.........damnit, now i'll have to get a brand new one soon. That sucks too, because I just got back from another purchase.

2, actually:

^^^^^^^^^The Mouse and The Mask ****ing owns you all. The proof can be found here.

Other than that, next time I go out, I might get some Ghost Recon and more albums. Maybe even Munich, which is already out. Kick ass.

So, the Da Vinci Code this week, Xmen 3 the next, Superman, Nacho Libre, World Trade Center, Snakes on a Plane.........this might be a great year already.

So, again, what's going on?

Seriously, I AM asking you.

GB and GN.



First off, I won't be on here as often, thanks to Kcube's wonderful site. So join us now. Not kidding, either.

Secondly, Mission: Impossible III kicks so much ass:


Yes, I was surprised as well. See it at once, yada yada yada.

Thirdly, Stadium Arcadium is an unbelievably outstanding record. If you ever needed more convincing, read this, plz.

Damn straight it's that good. Almost as good as 10,000 Days.......seriously.

What else to talk about........oh yeah:

1). Gonna buy Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood.

2). Gonna see Posieden.

3). Gonna go to a class tomorrow.

4) Buy some Queen and AC/DC........and maybe more RHCP.

Other then that, nothing much going on. Sooooo, yeah.

Gotta go.

GB and GN.

Target Pidgeons?

I must look like one to some people, because I keep getting shot down for suspension every time!

But let's not talk about that.

Let's talk about STUFF!!

Like a fat cat.

Or my album purchases:

Now to get Stadium Arcadium.......maybe Bullet in a Bible too....

I cannot stop listening to 10,000 Days......magnificent album..........must listen to more......curses....

And then there were FILMS!!!!

First off, Silent Hill sucks.



Naked Lunch


Pink Floyd: The Wall


Everything is Illuminated



I also did a ote on whether or not people should post a review in my UCB, and they won. *-_- So if you want to, then go ahead...

Just don't do crappy reviews. >______>

So what else to talk about....ahh yes, i'm currently applying for a job at a.......wait for it.......MOVIE THEATER! Bet you didn't see that coming.


Sorry for the bad entry. In a hurry.

So what's up with you turkeys?

GB and GN.