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Well, this bites.

Why oh why do you hate me God?

I awoke last night to the sound of a pipe bursting. It turns out the stop valve on my bathroom's cold water line burst off. Ugh. I gotta go fix that now.

Fixed me toilet

Turns out the problem I had with my old toilet (the one not on clearance) didn't have a huge problem. Argh I've wasted 25 dollars. Anywho, now I can flush with confidence. Huzzahs! 

High Ho

Seeing that no-one really reads these things, I can pretty much poster whatever I want (in so long as it's not vulgar from what I can remember). Anywho, work's been easy. Still haven't gotten paid yet. There is still a giant hole where my toilet used to be. I plugged it up with a rag but the smell is still coming through.

Peeing into the sink is a big no no. Now every time I brush my teeth my nose is assaulted with a barrage of stale urine and mouth grime. All in all, a very crummy start to the week. I'm going to close off my bathroom and brush my teeth over my sink.

I'm thinking about calling in a plumber but....well I am very short on funds right now.

Toilet bowl adventure

Hunk of junk is leaking on me!

I knew I should've spent the extra 20 dollars for a good quality bowl. Anywho, I'm going to have a handful fixing this up.

New toilet day!

Today is the start of a new day!

After breaking the base of my toilet broke, I've finally gotten around to getting a new one. No more peeing in jars, or exiting my suite just to take a wizz. That's the good news. Unfortunately, I decided to buy one on clearance and surprise, surprise, there's a huge crack on the bottom. I managed to caulk it up with some compound, but I'm not installing it till tommorow.

I really should've returned it, but...well it's snowing like crap out there and a weird odor is coming out of the flange (I hear it's toxic sewer gas). Best to get this thing over with.