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Hardest game I have played till now for any system

Well there are some great games, which are damned hard to complete even one level, but this makes it more interesting to play and the desire to make it through.

Here is the least which I felt quite frustrated and tryied and tryied till i couldnt do it.

So surely the franchise Ninja Gaiden for xbox, this is surely one great game, pure ninja sword fight with super combos but it is very hard and challengin all times so be careful. This game is no joke!

Then surely the franchise Devil may Cry 3 for the playstation 2, this game has wonderful graphics, super combos , many boss to fight but it is very challenging and unforgiving that after I just played after 8 hours I gave up.

Also the franchise final fantasy had hard games and challenging one like Final fanatasy x, I mean to complete it will take years not one day surely, very long and the end very challeging but surely one of the best game for the playstation 2, great story and just lovely.

Also the shooter BLACK, was a kick ass game, great shooting , you can destroy anything but hey, the AI is very tough to beat after some levels, but great atmospheric game for the Playstation 2.

Metal gear solid 3 for the playstation 2 is also quite hard to complete all the missions especially the last levels. but great stealth game, and unique.

Splinter cell Chaos theory was also quite challeging with all those hacking system and radar to avoid, quite tough.

Burnout too is quite challeging for the playstation 2 with its breathaking car crashes and races.

Midnight club 3 is also quite a challenging race with its crazy races but really fun to play till the end.

Also the great shooter and unique half-life 2 for the xbox 360gets challenging towards the end, but great atmosphere and graphics breathaking,

Far cry 2 for the xbox 360 is also quite challeging with these huge area to explore, the atmospheric graphic in the african savana makes it a quite unique experience.

The chilling game F.E.A.R. is also quitea challenge to shoot to this smart AI they even escape and go behind object incredible their intelligence.

What is yours challeging game?