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My true sign

You are a Leo, the star of the Zodiac. Your fun,
confident, enthusiastic, warm, powerfull,
generous, creative, loyal, charismatic,
sensitive, and a natural born leader! Of all
the animals in the world you are most like a
lion! You are noble, royal, and as brave as
alion and every once and a while you
"roar" to show everyone your strength
and pride! -Your lucky colors are orange and gold, the colors
of the sun -your metal, is gold, but not any gold PURE gold!! -your precious stone is a bloodred ruby -you day of the week is sunday, get it SUNday -the planet you are ruled by is the sun, which is
not really a planet but a star, just like you -your element is fire -the parts of the body that you rule are you back,
spine and HEART -your true love ,matchs are a your own leo, an
aries, sagitterius, libra, or a gemini

What is Your TRUE Astrology Sign? (for guys and girls with incredibly detailed answers and incredible pictures+READ MEMO PLEASE)
brought to you by Quizilla Well since I'm a leo I probably wouldnt get another result

Starting today I am a full time TV.com member

As some of you know I came here from GS but I'm leaving that place in the past for many reasons, I know I've only been here less than a week but I already enjoy this place alot more than I ever enjoyed GS, its friendlier and It seems I left all my enemies at GS, if any of my friends ask about me tell them I'm at TV.com.