Done & Done 2014

A handy list to see what games I've finished for the year. Previously beaten games that I've turned into 100% completions will not appear on this list.

Game Release Date GameSpot Score Guuthulhu's Score

Asura's Wrath

This had one of the strangest stories I've seen in a game, but the action kicked butt and had a great arcade feeling to it. I particularly liked the shmup levels. They were crazy and engaging.


Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Pretty to look at, nice musical score, entertaining gameplay, but nothing to attatch me to any of the characters.



It's Deadpool in a videogame. His humour, his crazy antics, and unbelievable story really make this a great Deadpool experience. I enjoyed every minute of this.



I enjoyed the campaign for what was there. It could have stood to have a more complete story than a wide barrage of holes even with future DLC a consideration. End game disappointed with the sheer amount of unrewarding grind. It's one thing to say you have to work for it, but another when you're at the mercy of a truly random loot generation that could care less about your performance.


Diablo III

I preordered the digital Reaper of Souls version on PS4 to have something pretty and gratifying to play. Despite my initial reactions to the original PC release of the game, it turned out I had been wrong. It's no Diablo 2 and that's a good thing. This has more of an arcade feel with smoother action without the annoying inventory tetris.


Dragon Quest Wars

This short little game is worth missing. There only 10 stages which are tutorial levels and then you're expected to play in PvP with friends. There aren't a lot of units and the map size is extremely small. Even being a big DQ fan, I regret this purchase.

-- --

Dragon's Dogma

2 Playthroughs, Level 67 Mystic Knight, Sorcerer Pawn. 100% completion including Dark Arisen content.



This was fun, quick little RPG that had better writing than I would've expected.


Fairytale Fights

This is more of a novelty than anything that should seriously be played. The dual stick controls don't work well, nor do the jumping mechanics, but it is amusingly satisfying in small doses. The campaign is way too long, however.


Fowl Space

A decently designed platformer, but the excessive foul humour started to ruin the experience for me. Fortunately it is short enough to complete in a day.

-- --


Last X-mas, I believe it was, I received the HD collection as a gift. I finally broke it open and started at the beginning. I still enjoyed it after all these years, but it is a bit dated.


Octodad: Dadliest Catch

This was entertaining in the beginning, but quickly crumbled away later on.


Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode Two

Entertaining as far as mechanics go, but I've found myself to be growing out of this type of humour.



100%. Collected all memories. Playtime: 8 hours-ish


Reach for the Sun

I never would have thought this to be fun, but I had a blast playing it. I particularly enjoyed strategy mode. I'd like to see this game get updates.

-- --

Shadow Hearts

This took me awhile to get into, but once I did, it proved difficult to put down. One of the more interesting combat systems I've seen in a game. The soundtrack was also worth the $$


Super Mario 3D World

This game made me happy that I bought a Wii way back when. For a long time I regretted that purchase, but since I finally got my hands on this game to play, I can say it's the best Mario game I've played since 3D Land on 3DS. A very more classic feeling Mario game.


Tales of Xillia

Over 100 hours and two playthroughs amounted to 100% completion. Jude's quest is the only one worth bothering. It has a complete story. Milla's quest adds very little in the way of new content. It could have just easily been incorporated into Jude's quest. Also, the best play experience I had was on hard difficulty. Anything easier detracts from the combat system making most every mechanic in the game pointless.


The Blackwell Legacy

I wish the voice acting were better, but overall a decent point-and-click adventure game to play. Not particularly challenging, though.


The Cat Lady

More proof that point-and-click adventure games aren't dead and remain awesome when in the right hands.


The Simpsons Arcade Game

Despite its age, I still enjoyed playing through this.


Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

A complete 40k nerdgasm. It was so gratifying slaughtering hordes of greenskins. The environments and story were interesting feeling like you just dropped into a skirmish game. Wish a sequel happened.


Zone of the Enders

From the HD collection. Undecided if I will go for a perfect game in this version.