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Ah, November. The Year is Almost Over!

Man, things seem to have been pretty slow in gaming for me this year. Last year I managed to complete quite a lot of things. I think I've just been overwhelmed by my collection and I'm having the gamer equivalent of ADD. I just can't seem to focus on a single game, or even short handful of games, for very long before I want to move on. My exceptions seem to be Minecraft, Diablo 3, and Warframe. It isn't as if the games I've tried playing aren't fun. I honestly don't know what the problem is. It also doesn't help that new games tend to override anything I was previously playing. *sigh*

Well, whatever.

I need to figure out what games I want to pick up over the holidays. :/

Stack Updates!

Well, I've finally updated my stacks. It took some effort remembering why I purchased some games and also some thoughts on things I've finished, but I got through it. It took longer than I'd like. Time for lunch.

Also, WTF happened to my avatar and banner?

Just a Few More Weeks Until i'm Walking Again!

I'm amazed I've been good this long, but I'd rather be walking sooner than suffering longer. I enjoyed a visit from friends this past weekend who brought me some comfort food of the gluten free variety that I like which happened to be yummy enchiladas from a mexican place about 15 minutes from my house. They also brought me some Skylanders swag (some Topps trading card tin that had a dog tag and some packs of cards as well as some clear plastic clings that aren't stickers, but they will stick to smooth surfaces), a new journal to write in, and Tomb Raider, Asura's Wrath, and Last of Us for PS3 to further be entertained during my healing. My friends should be coming over again tomorrow to watch the game. Go Hawks!

Right now I'm playing Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and really enjoying it. The game isn't so demanding as to make the controlling of two people simultaneously rage-inducing in any way. It's been nicely relaxing and casual. The visuals are very gorgeous, too. It's a nice wind-down after spending over 100 hours on Tales of Xillia, which is 100% completed. Grinding titles was the most annoying part of it and sadly, there isn't a whole lot in the grade shop worth getting. Also, playing the game on anything but hard breaks the combat system in a way that all your combo and attack options won't matter at all and you can button mash your way to victory without bothering to fully utilize and explore the artes.

And that's that. Time for Squiddy to eat.

Healing With Video Games

Well, week one of my six-week-healing has come and gone and it was a long, long week. It was a -very- long week. it was a very -painful- week. I could not move my foot at all, or my leg for that matter. I couldn't even curl my toes lest the muscles tug on my injury. I was pretty dopey that week and spent most of my days drifting in an out of consciousness. However, in those waking hours, I chose to play video games.

I 100% completed Ni no Kuni. I had set the game down after I completed it last year. It was just an overall overwhelming game. It really brought me back to the genre giving me more of what I like and less arbitrary, uneccessary complex systems that are just an illusion of control and customization. I also enjoyed the fact I didn't have to grind at all--not until post game, anyway. I found I had to hit level 99 for my party and max out my familiars, not to mention alchemize some pretty powerful gear in order to beat that S rank Solloseum. I did it. I did it and I felt good, until the emptiness returned. Doing this recently was also a bit of a bittersweet reminder that Miyazaki's last animated film is on the near horizon. I really must fill out my collection of his works.

Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen was the next game on my hit list. I'm in the middle of my 3rd play through. I've done everything that game has to offer, as well, including the challenging Dark Arisen content which i was glad I had saved until post game. Having gone through all that, I'm hankering for another Breath of Fire game.

I took a break to return to Bioshock Infinite and found myself largely disliking the game. In short, It felt more like a contrived Bioshock rip-off. I couldn't swallow the setting at all and the setting was the only thing about the series I ever liked. I expected more mediocrity in the FPS department and got even less. The weapon variety was pointless, the vigors were pointless, and nothing about the combat felt satisfying. I also hate the magnetic metal pinwheel melee weapon. It's stupid. I just really didn't like it.

To come down the disappointment Infinite left me with, I played a little game called Rain. This was just the healing I needed to raise me back up. The concept of the game really intrigued me, being an invisible boy visible only in rain being hunted by other creatures that share your physical flaw. Those creatures were horrifying in an unusual way I can't put to words. The narrative was captivating and I played through the entire thing in one go. It took me six hours thereabouts and another couple hours to collect the 24 memories after that.

I've moved on to play Tales of Xillia. I'm starting with Jude. It's been a great while since I've played the Tales series, but I've been enjoying it thus far. I enjoy more active combat systems rather than just selecting menu commands. I'm in Nia Khera right now off to find a napple for a little boy.

My plan for today's entertainment is more Xillia and breaking into the first volume of Fanboys vs Zombies.

Squiddy Ramblings - Roleplaying Week

Looking at my Backloggery, I came to the realisation that I have perhaps too many RPGs - too many unfinished rpgs. This gave me the idea to devote this week to roleplaying games. Getting into the spirit of things, I decided to do another Game Rambling:

What I've Played This Week - Aug 24, 2013

I recall in the past I would do these frequently. Well, I no longer do, obviously, but I started doing them again in audio format. Have a listen here: If you like, check out previous weeks.

Do I Really Have Too Many Games??

It's just another Sunday and another day to look at if there's anything next week that looks deserving of my greenbacks. Checking out my Backloggery, I am quite stunned. I have finished 32 games of my 100 goal, and yet I hav aquired 324. Three. Hundred. Twenty. Four. I now have 609 unfinished games in my collection. I know I have more than that as I'm really funny about older titles that are from DOS and earlier.

But talk about bloat! In the history of my gaming life I have not aquired so many games  in what hasn't even been a full year! Most of the purchases were from the awesome GOG sale and Steam summer sales. I did a lot of bundles. I also took advantage of a lot of daily deals and weekend specials with Steam, but these purchases have been more from a collector's point of view and being more of things I'd like to own versus things I'd like to play. I am intrigued to find out just how many hours I would have to put in to complete all those unfinished titles and whether or not it is a goal I could ever achieve before my time comes to leave this body and venture off to whatever lies after.

I feel rather disheartened and a strange... emptiness-almost guilt. Do I dare pick off some wishlist titles off Steam that are on sale and increase my backlog? I mean, it's already that large so what difference does it really make at this point? Or do I try and remain satisfied with what I have and finish some games that I've had that have never played? With over 600 unfinished games, there's bound to be something in there to entertain me, right?

Ultimately, I know what the answer is. They will be mine. It's just the way of my universe. It's my hobby and passion and my collection. It does leave me curious, though. How do you guys buy your games? Do you buy strictly with intent to play, or do you buy to have and may/may not play?

So I finally got a WiiU

When I first heard about it I thought it was neat, but having a Wii I hardly ever played (mostly due to not finding anything I really wanted to play), I wasn't sure if it was something I really wanted. I wanted to hear what some people thought about it and see it action before getting one and feeling disappointment and regrets.

I went out and picked up the 32gb deluxe one. It would have been nice to have a white one, but it isn't important. I could do a repaint if I were motivated enough.

For games, I have the Nintendo Land that came with it, and chose Scribblenauts Unlimited and ZombiU to start myself off. I'll be picking up Monster Hunter later this month. 

Progress! 13/50 Games Beat '13 // New Purchases

It's easy to forget about this place what with other social media sites. Never-the-less, I am still around and still gaming. Last year a squeaked through and met my goal of beating 50 games for the year, despite having aquired far more than that. I told myself to try and curb my purchases and settle for mostly what I have. 

It didn't work.

As of today, I have beaten 13 games and obtained 26. This being February... Cursed Steam sale...

The past few weeks I've been dealing with a flu of awful propensity to make my life an absolute misery, my friends gifted me games to help alleviate the misery. My Backloggery roars with power while I'm happy and sigh wondering if 50 is even a good goal. Maybe... 75?

Progress List

Blocks That Matter (Steam) - I enjoyed playing through this game; it has a lot of charm. I enjoy puzzles games as much as I hate them which tend to be quite a bit when they involve action elements, because failures become more frequent over carelessness induced by impatience and there were several stages like that that made me shout at poor little Tetrobot. All-things-aside, I enjoyed it enough to go back and attempt a completion by aquiring all the Blocks That Matter. 

Alien Breed 1: Impact (Steam) - Alien Breed was a game I played long ago on the Amiga (IIRC). Yes, it was a rip-off of Alien in many ways, but it was a great game!  To be honest, I had expected this to be just a current, prettier release of the old, but it's not! I was -so- happy! I also found out it's the same game as Evolution, so I wont accidently by it again, lol. It took me two play sessions to get through. I had lots of fun blasting aliens and navigating through the ship. I expect I'll start in on 2 one-of-these-days, as it left off with quite a cliffhanger involving a giant, awesome looking monster! The one critique I have of the game deals with the story sequences. I can't always tell what I'm looking at in those black & white panels. 

Penumbra: Requiem (Steam) - Anger and resentment. That's... the closest I can describe my feelings towards this game. I started in on the series with Black Plague expecting more Amnesia-like experiences. I was happy with it. Then I moved onto Overture which wasn't quite the same, but still good. When I got to Requiem, I couldn't wait to find out what had happened, but what I was given was an entirely different game. I didn't want a puzzle game. I wanted my horror. I was aghast when I quickly realised all I would be doing is going from, essentially, test chamber to test chamber towards two endings that did not add anything to the Penumbra story. Betrayed. That's a better word for my feelings. And if I'm perfectly honest, the puzzles were mindless yet aggravatingly tedious to complete in ways that were not fun at all. I really want to like the game, but I just can't.

Ys Chronicles Book I Vanished Omen (Steam) - I'm a big fan of this series and the bump combat system. I don't have patience for the RPG grind, even in action-based flavours. I'm more interested in stoy-progression and, let's face it, my Backloggery really can't spare the time. I also love the arcade feel. This was a great joy to play through again after all those years. I'm quite happy with the sound and graphics choices. I forsee myself working on Nightmare mode and time-attack.

Penumbra Overture (Steam) - I need more games of this style, but I wasn't a huge fan of the combat element. It isn't that it was clunky and irritating until get-the-hang-of-it, it's that it exists. I am more for the helplessness that exists in Amnesia and Penumbra Black Plague. I didn't engage in combat after killing my first doggie. I chose to sneak around and avoid to give myself the experience I wanted. Totally fine with that and happy that I could and that it worked. Besides... it was far more fun dealing with steam traps for killing them than bludgeoning them to death. 

Penumbra Black Plague (Steam) - This gets me really excited for more Amnesia! This was a great horror experience that really messed me up on more than one occasion. Those things were terrifying! Horror games are my favourite to play and this really healed. 

999 9 Hours, 9Persons, 9 Doors (DS) - I never thought myself one to get into digital novels, but I did play a good amount of Interactive Fiction back-in-the-day, so I don't know what I'm thinking, really. This was really good! I got a really sucky ending, but it was really good! I enjoyed the puzzles and odd story. I'm totally planning to go through again and make different choices to see how well I do and if I can live. 

Containment: The Zombie Puzzler (Steam) - I'm really surprised I bought this game. I've really fallen away from puzzlers like this. Tetris, Columns, and Puyo Pop are more than enough for me. This just seemed really interesting in an odd zombie's meet Dr. Mario kinda way. That's an odd way to put things, but it's the best I can think of right now. I'm not 100% well, yet. I'm about 75% up to 80% when medicine is working. Anyway, your playing field is a mixture of survivor units and zombies. You have a top-down view. To kill zombies, you surround them with the same type of survivor. You just swap people around on the board to do that. When the zombies are killed, the survivors that killed them also go away and your board is refilled from the top. Okay, so not like Dr. Mario at all, but you are getting rid of a virus. Things got really crazy as I progressed in the campaign. Zombie wizards (or wizard zombies? ;) ) were terrible in large numbers and it's not really fun dealing with those other ones what explode and infect surrounding survivors. Still, it entertained and that's what games should do.

Capsized (Steam) - This game reminds me as some kinda marriage between Bionic Commando and Solar Jetman. It has nice graphics and really big stages with equipment and tasks that really give me that weird baby image. You have a grappling hook which is how you do a lot of your travel. You can jump and do have a jet-pack you can use for more prolongued flight when fueled. Also at your disposal is a tractor beam thingy for manipulating obstacles and bringing things along with you, and means of blasting things away from you. You had lots of tasks involving locating objects and using your tractor beam to take them to a different location. You even find ship parts in one of the stages! They aren't golden, though.

Adera (WinStore) - This is another one of those point-and-click BigFish style adventure games involving a nice array of puzzles and only a few hidden object ones. I really don't like them much, honestly. The stories just don't have enough depth to sate my adventure gamer needs craving all that mystery and all those wonderful notes and books and things you tend to find and read in the more fully blown adventure games. It isn't terrible, though. This first chapter was free so I gave it a shot and was entertained enough to finished, but I don't care enough about plot to continue on with the series. It's too casual, short, and didn't utilise enough of my brain with the puzzles. 

Limbo (OnLive) - What a great game! The atmosphere and desolate black & white art sucked me in very quickly. Before I knew it, it was all over and I wanted more. How sad! Where did all that time go? I wish the ending were a bit more... I'm not sure. I just didn't feel fulfilled after it was over. 

Little Inferno (STEAM) -  Little kid: "I have this box of old toys!" 'Nother Little Kid: "And I've got this box of memories!" If someone told me there was this game where all you do is sit in front of a fireplace and burn stuff you buy in catalogues for money to buy more stuff to burn, I wouldn't buy it. I knew nothing of the game when I bought it. I just needed another game to finish off a gift card and that one had an interesting icon. I honestly thought I was getting into some other puzzler thing like Burn The Rope. Instead, I had a Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace where I sat for an entire night with some friends and burned it all away. I felt such emptiness when it was over. The story really was dark inspiring these odd feelings of... guilt for spending so much free time playing games instead of all those other things non-gamers would rather have you do. After three days I shook that guilt. There's nothing wrong with games! I wish there was more stuff to burn. I've played through that game twice, now.

Envirobear 2000 (PCDL) - Why? Why did I have to get this? Why? I got through seven years and considered that a worthy accomplishment. I never expected to get through the first, honestly. I had friends over when this went on, and way too much time was spent on this game. 


Well, I've obtained 26 games, so far this year. They won't be the last, and if it is any indication of how things will go, I should spend less time on this post, and more time screaming at Stealth Bastard. 

Envirobear 2000 (PCDL)
Surgeon Simulator 2013 (PCDL)
Cortex Command (Steam)
Ghost Trick - Phantom Detective (NDS)
Hotel Dusk - Room 215 (NDS)
Jake Hunter - Detective Chronicles (NDS)
Luminous Arc (NDS)
Dementium II (NDS)
The World Ends With You (NDS)
FTL (Steam)
Alien Breed Trilolgy (Steam) - Get well gift from my wifey.
R.U.S.E. (Steam) - Get well gift my wifey
Penumbra Collection (Steam) - Get well gift from my wifey
Awesomenauts (Steam)
Stealth Bastard Deluxe (Steam) - Get well gift from my bff.
Ys Chronicles Book 1 & 2 (Steam) Get well gift from my bff.
Bientôt l'été (Steam) - Get well gift from a goblin I know.
Cubemen (Steam)


New Stuffs (Again) and Progress

New Stuffs!

I went ahead and perused the Playstation Store for more goodies of which to entertain myself with. I made out with the following:

  • Resident Evil Code Veronica X (PSN) - I played this on Dreamcast. It's tied as my favorite in the series besides number 2. I haven't beat 4, nor have I played 5, so things might change.
  • Vagrant Story (PS1) - I always wanted to play this game, so now I can.
  • Fortix (PS Mini) - It looked like a fun Qix-like game, and I happened to be right. Despite being short and beating it in one session, I enjoyed it a lot. I'll be working on the higher difficulty shortly.
  • Star Hammer Tactics (PS Mini) - It looked interesting, so I took a chance. I haven't tried it yet.
  • Elemental Monster Onlice Card Battle (PSN) - I like interesting card games, and this was a buck. As long as I don't have to buy card packs with real money, I'm okay with it. Though, I know you have to buy tokens to play online matches.... No matter. They say the campaign mode is long, so I'll be content with that.

Gaming Progress

Resident Evil Director's Cut (PS1) - I beat it just the other day. I played Jill on original mode and messed up my ending. I got all the MO disks, but forgot to actually go get Chris, and I bungled up Barry and got him killed, so I got the worst ending. I'd like to play through arranged mode with Chris and see if I still remember it enough to beat the three hour time-limit. I may put that off, since I still have 17 games to beat before the new year.

Anvil of Dawn (PC-DOS) - I FINALLY got through Gorge Keep. There were WAY too many encounters in that dungeon. I'm glad it was small. I just entered the Iron Titan before saving and calling it quits for the day. I didn't want to push my luck trying another dungeon. With my luck, it will be long and ardurous and I would like to sleep tonight.

Maniac Mansion (NES) - I beat this a few days ago, also. I used Michal and Razor, but got lazy and didn't bother doing Razor's part of the quest, so I didn't get the ending I was trying for. It's still a fun game. I prefer the Amiga version, and I need to find my copy of Day of the Tentacle.

Cuboid (PSN) - I've gone back to this game, since picking up the booster pack. I managed to get four more trophies going through the expert stages. I really like this game. I played it for a good while today. I'm on stage 16.

Spy Mouse (iPod) - I started playing this again and got through a chunk of stage two's levels. It's a fun little path tracing game. The graphics and clean and cute, and I love the soundtrack. It's very over-the-top spy noir. I'm on stage 2-9

Dungeon Hunter 2 (iPod) - I've gone back to this Diablo clone, too. If I had my PSP, I'd have worked on Brotherhood of the Blade, but ah, well. It's a fun game. I gained 5 levels and finished an act. I'm at the start of the Sanctuary looking for survivors.