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I've just started playing Crysis, and let me say that it is a great game. I would recomend this to anyone who has a pc that can run Crysis. The gameplay is great so far, graphics run amazingly smooth. I rate this game as MUST HAVE because it is so good. :) Well thats all for now have a good rest of the 2007 year.

Ran into a snag

Well yesterday i began my challenge. As soon as i started i ran into a snag. I realized that I had never beaten RE4 on pro mode. I've beaten it on normal multiple times, but never on pro. So I have to beat the game on pro b4 i begin my challenge. This is going to take longer than i hoped. :(

Running through RE4 using only Blacktail

Hello. I have been wondering about things to do in RE4. Then I thought "hey, what if I can run through the entire game using only the blacktail on Pro mode". I think that will be a fun challenge to take. So im going to try it. I'll keep you posted on how p[rogress is going for me. Hopefully i can get it done in "record" time. :)


Hello, I'm new to gamespot. I have a multiple amount of games for many game consoles. I'll try to post on my owned games the ones that i have and are currently playing. My most recent game is Crackdown. I got the Halo 3 beta with it. I'll post how the beta is as soon as it comes out. Have fun looking at the site. P.S. Check out the Supreme Comander tournament. Very cool :)!