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I'm back

As you may or may not have noticed I haven't made any reviews or done anything at all really for quite awhile well I'm back now and with a brand new review: Earthbound for SNES. Check out my review then check out the game cause it's awesome.

The top games that I think need a sequel

There's alot of games out there that have been shunned by game makers and thrown away when they were fantastic! So here's a list of the top games that I think need a sequel. (In no order)

1# Sypro the Dragon 3: The last good 3D Spyro game before the dissapointment that was Enter the Dragonfly. The game was awesome and the side-missions are sweet and fun along with the hidden 2-player boxing game. This game kicks ass. So how did they mess an awesome game so badly? Whatever just make a good game now!

2# Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped: Another awesome 3D game gone down the toilet with the jump to PS2 how they could mess up such a classic formula so badly? After these two were sold to Universal they completely screwed them up. Give the original owner's their liscenses back they know how it's done.

3# The Simpsons Arcade game: After a flood of games that were well.......average at best, the name has been tainted but one of these games stands out as the black sheep of all the Simpsons games it was good?!?!?!? It had challenging levels with enviromental hazards alot of the background could be picked up and used as weapons and the best feature yet. 4-player co-op with special team moves an awesome beat em up that deserves the next-gen polish.

4# Space Channel 5: This game oozes style in every way so why I ask are there only 2 games in the series (the first was ported to the GBA) It has funky beats and some challenging gameplay. SEGA should stop churning out rubbish Sonic games and focus on the franchises they HAVEN'T screwed up yet.

Ok this concludes my list.Bye!

Soul Calibur 2 Weapon Master Mode level 99 goal!

After seeing linkzero's accomplishment of nailing level 99 in Soul Calibur 2's Weapon Master Mode I thought I would try for that same goal and I'm doing ok using his strategy of using Er Rai for expereince I have made it the Level 81 I'll keep track of it here.

Current Level: 81 Grand Edgemaster of the Ogre

Goal Level:99 Ultimate Edgemaster.

Wish me luck!

Guitar Hero 3 = BAD????

With new videos of Guitar Hero 3 I'm really excited for it but it's being slagged of by everyone becuase of diffrent interfaces. It's not too big of a change to have all the frets lit or have SP bulbs and it's still in the works so I'm sure they'll tweak it to perfection.