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I got high speed internet!


Only now I don't know what to do... Anyone know some fun free online games I could play, and some crap like that? I've wanted DSL ever since it was $100 a decade ago. Know i can watch all the anime i want... BWHAHAHA!

Its by 18th birthday today, and I'm going to Disneyworld

Yep, its my 18th birthday today. I didn't ask for anything, but I see a few feet away from me a small stack of wrapped presents that my mom got me. So that means it almost destined to be full of fail. But I am also going to Disney World today as well. After we clean the house (which I'm supposed to be going) and move the couch, were leaving for a four hour drive to Boston followed by a 3 hour flight to Florida. Whoo... I was never a big vacation fan, why spend a thousand dollars going to some place for a week when you can spend it for a TV or something?

Yesterday I went to mall and sold a bunch of games and movies at Gamestop and bought Xenosaga, FF12, and Shadow of the Colossus.

Also, the CPU on my computer is overheating for some unknown reason, despite the fact that its on factory defaults. Know the thing shuts-down when I do just about anything. Isen't that great :|?

I won't be able to make a weekly feature this week, aren't you devastated? But I will do a double when I get back.

I passed my drivers test!

And it only took took five tries! I also registered to vote, and am going to vote Obama tomorrow. After that I went out and got a $50 pair of headphones as a reward from ma mom.

The Weekly Feature #2: TA: Spring

This week I will be introducing

TA: Spring

Spring is an open source (100% free to play and edit) 3D remake of the old school RTS Total Annihilation. Spring works much like Supreme Commander, you need to gather two resources to create units, Mass and Energy. There are four tech trees, Vehichle (tanks, artillery, etc.), K-Bots (sort of like infantry), naval, and aerial. The graphics aren't anything to write home about, but once you throw together large armies, the game becomes fantastic. Their are two sides in most cases, Arm and Core. They both have their own advantages and weaknesses, being balanced well overall.

Spring itself is just the engine, you need to download mods (which gives you the option in the installer) to really play the game. The most common mod by a mile is Balanced Annihilation. Spring uses a real time physics engine, once a unit fires a missile, its up to newton to determine whether the projectile hits the enemy. Battles look amazing, using a variety of unit types, projectiles, and terrain advantages. Spring is not finished yet, the latest release, 76b, was released near Christmas, although crashes sometimes happen, its not enough to annoy the user.

The Weekly Feature #1: Drowtales

Welcome to The Weekly Feature, brought to you by Guiltfeeder566. Starting today, every week I shall make a blog post detailing something I find of interest, let it be games, webcomics, or other crap I can't think of. Expect the blogs to be short, but to the point, most likely a paragraph or so. This weeks guest:


Drowtales is a webcomic about, for the most part, the underground society of the Drows, elves who were forced underground after a cataclysmic war on the surface. Drowtales really has a life all on its own. The order of things is very detailed, with complicated magic, laws, races, and clans, giving a sense that great effort was put into the comic to make everything real.

Drowtales was originally a D&D fan comic until the creator decided to make it independent and create its own universe. However, at this point the comic was already of significant length, and many of the earlier chapters needed to be rewritten and drawn to remove the D&D elements. However, the good part is that this comic is both gorgeous and redrawn pages are added every week day. The art is somewhat manga ****, with a somewhat western touch. The art first comes off as somewhat cute, but it is very much a mature comic. Violence inflicted on both protagonist, antagonists, and innocents can be very unnerving and sometimes disturbing.

All in all, you really need to read this comic. Like, right ****ing now. Do it.

Tidal wave of nostalgia

Today in English we were discussing what out topics were for out personal essay when I started thinking of the old times in my neighborhood. I started in my mind from the time I was 8 and was first looking at the condo their to when I was sixteen and we moved to maine. It got me real depressed. I lost contact with most of my friends and of the ones I still (kinda) know one is a drug dealer and the other is going to Iraq next month. But the main point of this blog is to post something, as I haven't in a few months (i think).

But for my essay, I need to write about a personal journey I've been on. Its stupid becuase I haven't been on any of those kind. I'm not that deep you know! Anyone have any ideas?

Chrismas and Drivers tests

So I had a pretty good Chrismas all in all.

I got:



Kingdom Hearts

Mass Effect

Digital camera (12 mega pixels)

I have to say, I got a huge graphics shock when I put in Kingdom Hearts, being used to the 360 and PC for so long seeing a PS2 game has a hard adjustment. I'm sure I'll get used to it soon enough. On the other hand, Mass Effect is fantastic. I love the dialog system and the combat. I'v only twice seen glitches, once when i got stuck in some furnature for a few seconds and another time where my team wouden't follow me around when ordered and i had to reload.

In other news, I failed my drivers test for the third time. I was pissed at first but then i though about it and the only thing that would come from me having a license is driving my sister to practice all day and getting grocery, so, ya, screw it. And screw Maine, worst state in the country.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good

I now have enough money to buy the gaming computer i always wanted. All I have to do is get my next paycheck and wait for my mom to confirm (hopefully) that she will lend me $200. I also found out that i could soon be getting a high speed internet connection. I might either get a T1 connection or a slightly slower then DSL connection. Either way it will be 100 times better then my current 24Kps dial-up.

The Bad

I just got the Red Ring of Death on my 360 :cry:.Thank God for the new warrenty.

The Ugly

My job still sucks. Its gotten a little bit better now that i'v gotten used to it, but i've found out that i may be pushing carts all summer long. no cool inside air for me.

Level 21!

Finally! Its taken at least 3 months to get this. When they so 20 was hard, they wern't kidding.

Also, i have a new avatar.

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