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_Starting over....Farewell Grottek !!! _

Ummm , yea . Well , I was kinda feeling that I wasn't getting what i wanted from this account . Was feeling kinda strange . Maybe because its nickname isn't even mine ? (my little brother named it) or maybe after 3 years I've started feeling bored with the same things . Anyway , so I made a new account , changed background/font combination and it feels like something new . New is always good right ? So I am again into GS which means I'm going to keep that account now . Don't know if its going to be forever but it is going to be for quite some time .

Those of you who consider me a friend(old or new) , please add me to your friend list by tracking me and I will track you back . Those of you who still want to track me down for some other reason go ahead :P My new account's nickname is Azaru32 . Good - Bad i like it :P

So , now I need to make my new account more " none-newbish" which is going to be pain in the butt ., but thats what it makes it fun :D . So yea , thats all for now . This could be the last blog post of Grottekvarnen .

So , farewell .... !!!