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I was just wondering....

......why doen't GS fix the lvl system in the unions?i mean , unions used to be cooler when they lvled up and gained emblems . Now there is half of the joy . Do you know anything about why the don't fix it?have they announced anything related to that?i was just wondering......

Almost half way to 21.....

God , why is it so hard?i mean , im like 1 month in this hell and im still half way . I get like 2% top when im very active...That means that i'll get to lvl21 in about a month or so . Now i completely understand when people say that being in lvl20 is the same as being in a long way trip to hell....i hope you won't stuck as much as i do and that you will pass this glitch easily....Well , thats all for now , cya later.....

GDX Union , all welcome !!!

The GDX union(Games Dimension X) is my beloved union that im trying so hard to get it strong . Right now we have 150 members and it is established for less than a month . I would like to tell you that it is a game and off-topic union where you can talk about everything . Who ever wants to join it or at least visit it , you are free to go here . Thanks for your time....Cya later !!! ;)

Sig Voting!!!

I just can't decide which sig should i use . Which do you think is better?




PC problem!

Im having some pc problems and i can't be that active this weak(i hoope i fix this soon) , so i kindly ask the officers of my union to take it care(if im not here) . Hope to manage to see you in daily bases . cya...........;)

Finally , lvl 20 (Metal Slime)!!!!!

WOW , isn't amazing ? I feel so happy :D because i made it to reach this far but also i feel sad:( because i know that i will stay lvl 20 for long time . BUT THAT DOESN'T MATTER CAUSE IM LVL 20.YEAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!:P

The Anime Union just begun.....

Vernan and I decided to form a new union that will bring the glory of the WGU(Worldwide Gamers Union) back . I hope it goes well so whoever wants to help you can just join or invite your friends that like animes(who doesn't) . Thanks for hearing me and if you want to join just click here ! Cya..............