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Grottekvarnen Blog

Just saying hi..

I hadn't posted for a long time so here i did it . So , how have u been all this time ? anything new to your lives ? I've started playing rapplez again(free mmorpg) . Its so cool game . Anyone else playing it ? Thats all for now ....cya later ;)

-----Might be away for a couple of days------

I just let to know the people who actually care about me that i might be gone for a while because there a couple of issues that are going on :

1st : I need to fix this damn computer because it keeps getting worse and worse(this is the main reason)

2nd : I have to read for school because my exams are near

3rd : Its pretty boring around here lately so i guess its time to visit my friends in the online games i play

These are the reasons i'll be gone for a couple of days .THIS DOESN'T MEAN THAT I'LL LEAVE FROM GS !!!! So , please....officers of GDX union , take care of it when and if i'll be gone . Thats all for now...i hope i get my PC for fixing right now so i'll be over with this problem....cya later ;)

Metal Slime for second time....

At least this time i know how long it will take to pass it so i am prepared(hope i won't get modded again) . This is also my 60th Blog post so i'm pretty happy that i have made it so far . I'm only a year in GS and i have made so many friends . You guys are like my family here so thanks for accepting me in your community . Also in a few days my brother has his birthday if anyone has any idea what i could take him for present would be great(he is 10 years old) . Thanks and cya on the forums.... ;)

Boring days....

I'm so bored these days that i don't know what to do . Thats why you always see me change my profile all the time . The good thing of this is that i'm getting better in making sigs and banners(im not great but at least they are something) . Thats all for now...oh...for all the ichigo or bleach fans i made this sig...feel free to use it..cya later !!!


Rate my avatar and sig!!!

I made these 10min ago . I've been changing my profile all this time because there is nothing better for me to do . I hope they are at least good . Rate them please :)



you could also give me some advice so i can make better ones next time

P.S. I've made them with GIMP so don't be hard on me :P

A tough moderation...

I was modded because i was participating in games that are supposed to be spam(thats something that only GS would think of) . I believe that it was an unfair moderation because they deleveled me from the end of the super glitch(lvl20) to the start of lvl 19 plus being suspended for 3 tell me...isn't that unfair? i am member in many sites and believe me when i tell you that GS has the most unreasonable and hard rules...The only thing that now i can do is behave with the rules and keep going...i would only like to say something for the mods and GS staff general : Make some better rules and stop ruining the fun of your members because if you keep this you will loose them all....