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5 new sigs i made

I was kinda bored so i made these sigs . I also wanted to see if i can still make some lol . OK , tell me what you think and rate them plz...thanks ;)

Saying hi-----360 game choice

Hello people of GS society . I know u've missed me :P ok , now i just wanted to ask a question on which game should i buy for my between FAR CRY 2 , FALLOUT 3 , GEARS OF WARS 2 . Which is better u think?


Laptop as a gaming console?

You see , i want to buy a laptop and a new net connection for it so i can play online games on it . But i've heared that laptops can't support games as good as PCs . Is that true ? Will

i be able to play games or will i have problems?

thanks for the help............cya in future ;)

Some 360 games + 602 people on friends list...

Well , recently i tried Halo 3 , Eragon and in some days i'll probably buy GTA IV . Halo is amazing and i can't wait for the next one . As for Eragon , is a decent game which if you are bored can make you have fun for a while . Does anyone of you have GTA IV? If yes , is there multiplayer ? I hope so .

602 people in friends list . That quite a lot . Some of you may think that:Oh , thats a jerk who keeps tracking people . THATS A LIE!!! I stopped tracking people around 100-150 people . Now , i hoped that all 600 people would post in my profile but only around 20 people do(why is that don't ask me)

Thats all , cya later dudes

Finally lvl 21

Yep , i made it . After 5-6 months i got on lvl 21 which seems cool since i haven't lvled for so long...Thats all , cya later

Gaming Question #1

Which is the number 1 game in your list for this year ?

Mine is definitely the new final fantasy for the x360 . I am a big fan of the game..hahaha

A long time has passed since the last blog so i decided to make one ........

Well , lets say i was on a long vacation but i am back(once in a while) . I won;t make the same mistake with trying to be a good officer or leader cause its not interesting anymore . I have bought the x360 but its not able to conect online cause i think i have to pay a card if im correct . I don't know if it worths it...we will see . Summer is good so far , im having summer courses and i work at saturdays but i get real good cash....120-150 euro for only 8-9 hours...thats good isn't it ? so , what about you ?

The time for my 360 is coming... about 2-3 weeks im going to get a xbox 360 that i was always dreaming . I have some good games in mind but if you know anything good let me know . Also final exams are coming which means i have to study(at least that will my parents think :P ) . These days i was kinda absorbed by online games as usual so i hadn't any time for GS . Im kinda bored here so im trying to find something to keep me active .I watched a couple of movies like Stay alive which is a cool thriller about games and kidulhood(i think its spelled that way) which is a movie with people beating up each other . Do you know any good movies for me to see ? Enough about me...tell me about you . How was your day or vacation ? Anything good on GS that i missed again ?