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Grottekvarnen Blog

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!

I would just like to wish you merry Christmas since i will be leaving in 2 days and probably won't have Internet access for couple of weeks so i won't be around ......

anyway , i hope you have a wonderful vacation and have as much fun as you can ;)

*Midterm exams - 31 LVL(IPPON)*

I got a question . Why the **** should there be midterms ? man i really do hate them . I have to read all those stuff . Until know i think i wrote very well at composition 1 and sucked at trigonometry . I have 3 more subjects to do . Algebra , System hardware and scientific world . Thats right . All of them suck . Grrrrrrr

Anyway , I've reached lvl31 . I lvl up so slowly. My unions go really well . Gotei and Toonami are two of the greatest unions out there so if you haven't joined them then what are you waiting for ? go NOW!!!! If you are interested in designing stuff , want to make requests and things like that....then go and join Mass Designers Lounge where you can do all those things .

Now ,.....hmmm....if i were to revive my union and start it working again , i was wondering who would be able to help me do that ? So if you are interesting in something like that , then tell me so if i ever decide on doing that i will have you in mind....

thats pretty much all going on so far .... so until my next blog post , cya in the forums!!!!


Yeap Yeap I've been TAGGED!!!

I really thought i would never be tagged . I thought i would get away with it but i was wrong . Someone got me(this was BreakingSpecter) . Someone is going to pay for this :P . Anyway , here it goes :

1) I'm Albanian

2) I love graphic designing

3) I love basketball and football(soccer)

4) I will go to a gym next month :P

5) I have lived in Greece for 16 years

6) I'm a freshment at the new york college of albania(probably going to england or boston next year)

7) I want to become a programmer or a graphic designer , or even both lol

8) I can speak albanian , greek , english , german and a bit of french

9) I listen to every kind of music out there meaning , rock , hip hop , RnB , metal etc

10) My favorite colour is blue

and i LOVE women:lol:(this is 11 lol)

alright , i did it .

Hope you learned some new things about me . Now i think i must tag other people right ? hmmm

well , the next victims of the tag plague are : lancelot200 , sfkm2 and nightmare-_-


Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween everybody . This is the first time in my life that I am celebrating this event since in Greece we didn't have it . But since im in Albania right now , here there IS halloween and at last im going to enjoy it lol .

So , happy halloween again and try to spook as many kids as you can:lol:

lvl30(at last) / 80th blog post / College has started!!!

Yep , i've reached lvl 30 which is good . GS still keeps me busy and stills keeps my interesting alive . Gotei 13 is going really good and i hope this winter it will get much better than the previous years!!!

Also this is the 80th blog post in 3 years which makes me wonder why the hell i haven't done more ? lol...but i guess there are not many things to write about . I guess i will start writing about the games i purchase . There are many :P

Anyway , college started and its kinda rough cause there are a lot of projects to do . Now i need to organise my time so i can keep up with them . I really hope i do well cause there are a lot of money being paid so i can attend this college and i don't want to disappoint my parents .

So , this is pretty much it , thanks for reading and i hope i see you in GOTEI 13!!!


News so far.....

Well i have reached lvl28 Bionic Commando(i like the name) which means im still active and i'll stay that way . Things are going smooth so far with GS and my life . I've helped a friend of mine to form a design union and it goes pretty good . You must join it if you like designing or you want to learn how to do so . Check my unions and you'll find it(im bored to put a link :lol: )

Anyway , summer is over soon and in about a month i have to move so i can go to college . Yep its college time and im a bit nervous . You know , alone in a new beginning , without your parents to support you and all that stuff . Scary huh ? i know

I've also watches the new harry potter movie which(for me at least) sucks pretty bad because if you have read the book the have erased all the good fighting moments and i didn't liked that at all . I am looking for some good movies now so if you have anything to suggest please do so....

I think that's it for now...i hope next time i have better things to write for . Thanks for reading and hope i see you in one of the unions im active . Later.........


LVL 26 + Promotion

I've just noticed that its been a long time since my last blog so I guess this is the time to do it . I have finally reached lvl26(Cyber-lip) and I'm moving on day by day . I have also managed to get my old spot back in Gotei 13 which is captain of the 5th squad(Aizen) . This is so great because I have the chance again to help the union in its growth and most importantly have fun . It also makes my time more exciting since vacation has officially started and right now I don't have many things to do .

Other news is that I've finally watched the new dragonball movie and I have to say that i kinda liked it . I watched it with some friends and we all enjoyed out time and had fun(if i were alone things could have been different though). But still , comparing to the comments i've read and heard it was really good(could have been better though). Anyway , now I'm trying to watch more movies since i have free time and I was wondering which movies worth my time out there . You have any suggestions ?

Ah , i think thats pretty much all . I hope my next blog post doesn't come out as late as this one .Thanks for reading and for suggestions , cya later.............


College and stuff.....

I'm finally through with my college/university search and I've done the registration already . So no more anxiety for school and i have even more free time than before .

Another thing that happened so far is that i finally fixed my pc(for 4th time in 5 months lol ) and bought a new monitor for my pc which is very good and pretty cheap for its value .

Something that bothers me is that i can't decide if i should try and revive my union or not . Its a big decision and i don't want to be in a rush . Now even if i try to do it after all , its not sure that i'll make it . Its a difficult job that only with other people's help can be done .So , whats your idea ? should i go ahead or it doesn't worth it ? just tell me what u think.....

I guess that's it so far . My life is quite boring so i don't have many things to write about . I'm moving slowly in exp so i guess my next post will be when i get to 25 . OK that's it , thanks for reading this and for your ideas . Cya later.....

School , exams and life ...........!!

I'm so bored of all this . I mean im reading all these months and im starting feeling nervous since the final exams are only a couple of months away . Once this is all over i will be freeeeeeeeeeee at last .

I've also been watching movies all this time , like :

Become a Legend



and a couple of thrillers which i don't remember their names . Now im looking forward to seeing :


Transformers 2

The new dragonball movie(which i hope is good)

If you guys know any good movies or animes who worth watching pla tell me . I can't stand reading all day :lol: . Another thing is that me and my friends made our own dancing crew and we have started practicing for the show on the graduation day . If i get a video of the show i'll post it so you can laugh hahahaha . We have been inspired from Jabbawockeez and we are trying to do thing like that but adding them to our own style .Its kinda fun really u should try this !!!

OK thats all for now , I hope seeing you guys soon so ....later !!!

Hmm...lvl23 ( Super Bagman )

I guess it was time i lvled up so lvl23 now . I've started enjoying my self again in GS something that i haven't been doing for a long time . Im trying now to be active again and who knows...i might try revive my union lol . Anyway , im so happy that im going to buy you all drinks :P

My brother(Vernan) made his first sig using gimp so rate it plz(don't be too harsh on him)

Thats least for now , cya later