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Grottekvarnen Blog

_Starting over....Farewell Grottek !!! _

Ummm , yea . Well , I was kinda feeling that I wasn't getting what i wanted from this account . Was feeling kinda strange . Maybe because its nickname isn't even mine ? (my little brother named it) or maybe after 3 years I've started feeling bored with the same things . Anyway , so I made a new account , changed background/font combination and it feels like something new . New is always good right ? So I am again into GS which means I'm going to keep that account now . Don't know if its going to be forever but it is going to be for quite some time .

Those of you who consider me a friend(old or new) , please add me to your friend list by tracking me and I will track you back . Those of you who still want to track me down for some other reason go ahead :P My new account's nickname is Azaru32 . Good - Bad i like it :P

So , now I need to make my new account more " none-newbish" which is going to be pain in the butt ., but thats what it makes it fun :D . So yea , thats all for now . This could be the last blog post of Grottekvarnen .

So , farewell .... !!!


E3 Microsoft Press Conference

Microsoft's conference was really good . The new device looks promising and extremely fun . So far i can say that E3 is going well . With games like halo and gear of wars it couldn't be any different . So what do you think about the conference ?

Finally , 10k posts !!!

After 3 years in GS i've finally reached 10k posts . This shows that im not that much into posting like some people i know but im not that bad either . 10k posts wow . It doesn't sound much compared to 50k-70k that some people have but if you consider it its quite a lot .

Anyway , im union passed the 500 members mark which is good for a 2 years old union . It still laks the activity that some other unions have but i think we are from the good unions out there . I'm organizing(or trying to) an international card battle tournament in a union vs union mode which will be pretty cool and fun if its done right . I've invited some unions , some are in while some haven't replied yet . If you have a union and want to participate in this , send me a pm and we will talk about it .We also need designers for the cards , so if someone wants to help with it hes welcomed to do it ....

Hmm , what else ? Nothing much really . Final exams are coming and i need to start reading . All this time instead of reading i was watching all the movies that were coming this year and also some of the old ones which i have a lot of time seeing . I have been mostly watching horror/thriller movies which scared the hell out of my friends and mostly my girlfriend ;)

So , this is pretty much it . Thanks for reading and hope to catch up with ya later....



I finally leveled up to lvl34 . This is taking a long time lol but im glad that im moving on even though its slowly . Anyway , what else ? oh , i really want to buy the new FF game which hopefully i will but that is going to happen during summer time :/ At least im going to play it though , thats good right ? :P

My union (Games Dimension X) is going pretty well . Better than I hoped it would . If you haven't joined it go NOW!!! that's for recruiting purpose :lol: Uh huh , hmmm . Oh , I'm going to buy a new guitar soon . YEAH!!!! I'm sooo excited about this ....

That's pretty much all for now , hope to see you at the forums\

Later ;)

Back into designing for a while

Well , im back at my parent's house where i can design so i decided to start making some sigs in order to practice a bit . So i made these 2 sigs for my brother ( Vernan ). Its an animated one and a normal one . They could have been better if i had my old stuff(brushes , cd4 etc) but they went quite good

I will make some more and probably i'll post them as well . OK, this is all for now , cya later....

Just blogging

The huge storm of the final exams is finally over . Now I can relax and drink my coffee for a couple of weeks .

The Games Dimension X union is going quite well even though I didn't expect as much . The union is slowly going to 400 members . It still needs reconstruction so that the events and contests to begin . Anyway , if you want to join or help you can pm me or something like that . Anyway ,

now im going back at my parent's house so i can see my little brother again . I've missed him so much . He is cute(like me :P ).

Hmm , what else ? Oh , i finally got internet access at my new house so i won't be roaming around internet cafes anymore . That saves money and time .

Alright, that's i said..just blogging ;)


~I made my choice...~

Yeap , I've made up my mind and I decided to try and revive my old union Games Dimension X . It isn't going to be easy but if I make it it will worth it . Anyway , I invite you all to the union and I really hope i see you there . If i don't i will kill ya or something :lol: . So , common and join !!!!!


~Games Dimension X union - Worldwide Gamers Union~

uh huh

ok i want to start over my union but i kinda need help to do that so i made a thread so people can vote if YES i should go ahead and revive it or NO don't do it . Lets it what will happen . I was also thinking to rename it and make it Worldwide Gamers Union or Worldwide Elite Gamers Union(some people might be crying right now like i do) . If you were here 3 years ago you would know what im talking about . Anyway that's what i have been thinking lately .

I hope i make a desision soon . If you could vote here or there i would really appreciate it . Those who are willing to help plz say so or pm .

Whatever , thank you for your time . Cya later