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Weather in Canada

Someone who will remain nameless complained (sort of) about weather being in the teens (in Celcius). I instruct all that don't live in Canada to follow these procedures:

  1. Download Firefox. If you still use Internet Explorer, you really need to get this thing. It's a free, fast download, it lets you import stuff from IE, and it's overall much better than IE.
  2. Go to the extensions page and download ForecastFox. You'll probably want to download Tabbrowser Preferences while you're there because it is awesome.
  3. Set your Forecast Location Code to CAXX0043. This is Brampton, Ontario (that's in Canada).
  4. Be horrified as you see the weather in your status bar

  5. Luckily we Canadians have a well-known pasttime of drinking copious amounts of beer, and when we do, the inner warmth and "not caring about pain" feeling you get let's you do superhuman things. I took a 20 minute drunken stroll with my friends one Friday night without a coat at -5C. No problemo. Of course it's cool because you can see your breath (which reminds me of another Canadian Pastime).

    Seriously, unless the temperature is negative in Celcius, you should not be complaining about the cold. On the flip side, I'd say it should be 30-35C before you can claim it is exceptionally hot, but I guess in some places that's a normal temperature...