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This Just in: Gamespot is watered down.

Gamespot just unleashed their Genre Award for the year. I've read through a good chunk of it, and the RPG awards caught my eye. I wouldn't have been happy to see Paper Mario: The 1000 Year Door lose, but it didn't. It's the winner. That being said, I'm quite amused by this line:

"Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is by no means Mario's first appearance in a role-playing game, but it's certainly one of his best."

Ok, let's examine the situation; Mario has been in 4 RPGs. If you're going to make a stance, don't use a term like "one of the best" when there are only 4 items to choose from. It a pretty unsubstantial claim to make.

At the same time, thanks for making the right claim for RPG of the year. There was a clear winner and you chose rightly, in my opinion of course. Next time, don't use the term "one of the best" unless the title is competing against more than 3 other titles. Thank you.

Part 2:

Here's a gem of a quote in a new Star Fox: Assault preview

Those craving some straight-up Star Fox-brand shooting for their GameCube  may find just that in Star Fox: Assault.

Well, I certainly hope so.

I know this isn't horribly important, but it removes a lot of the concreteness of the topic, and just adds more for the reader to read. To quote George Orwell: "If a word can be ommited, always omit it". I would have gone with something short and to the point like "Star Fox: Assault will bring the Star-fox brand shooting that the series in known to to the GameCube". Something like that. I'm tired.