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Hello. My name is Greg. And I'm a DDRaholic, or DDRholic, er... anyway, I play it a lot. A lot. I've dedicated countless time and money into this habit. I bought a console (the PS2) essentially for the series, bought a Redoctane Ignition, and when that broke, bought a Cobalt Flux. (It's coming to my doorstep soon!) I got hooked at it in the arcade, where I've plunked down plenty of quarters.

My otherwise out-of-shape body has impressive lower-leg muscles. I can take down any 9-footer in Singles and select 10-footers, as well as a good array of Doubles songs (anything 8 feet or below). I'll play Stepmania or Flash Flash Revolution sometimes, but they're not quite as fun. I keep a fairly close eye on DDR updates. I was somewhat dissapointed by DDR Extreme USA's Hands and Feet mode but maintain the notion that it was good. I fear that the upcoming Gamecube game "DDR With Mario" will be too easy. Does it look like I play the series enough yet?

I've played the DDR series much more than any other series for this generation. I loved Super Smash Bros. Melee, Paper Mario 2, et al, but nothing beats the rythmic action of a round of DDR. Why an I saying this? Because I can. I urge people to give it a chance and play a few rounds at any nearby arcades. It really is a lot of fun (at least for select people), and Konami should put some more attention on it.