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Make Up Your Mind, Gamespot

I made this post and decided to post it the ol' journal since, IMO, it's a pretty big discrepency.

Mario Party Advance Review:

"The game's multiplayer features ... aren't organized in a sensible manner. The dozen true
multiplayer games, which require a link cable, are stand-alone options
that aren't included as part of an overarching tournament mode."

The Best and Worst of 2002, Best Party Game on GameCube:

However, one thing that gives Super Monkey Ball
2 the edge is the pacing of its multiplayer games. While Mario Party 4
requires a bit of a time investment from the group, a satisfying round
of monkey fight can be done in minutes"

I'd also like to point out that Super Monkey Ball 2 has, like Mario Party Advance, a dozen true multiplayer minigames.

So, Gamespot, what's better, having games seperate or part of a tournament? And wouldn't a portable game be better suited for small time investments than a home console game? Apparantly their reviews go a little further than "colouring facts", more like totally changing their opinions and reviewing games accordingly.

Sorry Gamespot, my memory is just too damn good when it comes to worthless stuff like game reviews and Simpsons quotes.