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GOTY 2005! a

I am deeply impressed with this web game. It's called Stick Avalanche 2 and you should play it right now. Some video game producers spend millions on making games with fancy graphics and careful styling toward their "young adult" demographic, and then Danny Miller comes along and delivers what gamers want (and by gamers, I mean at least me).

Ok, it's not a full game, but I'd rather play this than a round of NBA Street, at least when no one else is around to play with. This game is so addictive, and actually has a high score database that works... it's terribly impressive. If it was a bonus game in a bigger game, I'd say "bravo" to the company that made it!

Shouts to Danny for doing this for free (well, plus donations). Big companies could learn a lesson here.

Note: the small "a" was added because Gamespot stops you from writing in all caps in your own personal journal.