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Dear Konami,

I see that you're bringing Beatmania to the US. Let me keep this quick and simple:
  • Do not screw up the controller
  • Do not screw up the songs
  • Do not screw up the graphics
This is pretty easy for you to do because all you'd have to do it take the latest Japanese game, replace songs you can't get licenses for with in-house songs from older mixes, translate into English, and ship a bunch of your good Beatmania controllers over here. But you'll probably end up putting in more effort than neccessary and destroying the whole game like you did DDR Extreme US. I'm here to say "don't".

Just remember: anyone will step around on a dance pad and have fun. The Beatmania audience will be mostly gamers (and hardcore ones at that), so make the game to reflect that. Don't strip out hard songs. Don't add in US covers that would be boring in Beatmania. Don't make US mixes with half as many songs as the Japan mixes and charge the same amount of money. Don't say "I don't think most Americans will like Memories so we'll just remove it last minute, even though it's free for us to use, but we'll keep the song embedded in the game, tricking the game into thinking that Memories is playable, even though it isn't, making it impossible to master the game".

(Don't screw it up).