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Street Fighter II

Yesterday i downloaded SFII HF for xbox live arcade, it was the first time i've ever played the game. I don't know why I never played Street Fighter II when it came out on the SNES...

Anyway I am very impressed with the game the online barely ever lags and its easy to jump into a game. The AI in arcade mode is apparently supposed to be harder than the other street fighters i didn't have any problems with beating it the only trouble i had was beating vega and if i didn't lose to him i would have gotten the never lose a match in single player arcade mode achievement.

I just read the review for street fighter and i was disapointed the game scored lower than Galaga... Greg didn't play the game enough he got lots of lag in the video of him playing Online for the first time but thats because he was playing people from the UK.

If you want a 2d online fighting game look no further SFII HF for XBLA and its only 800 MS points!!! 

PS. My gamertag is AmpleSteak v2 if anyone wants to challenge me send me a message.