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school has started and im happy i dont have any of the teachers i hate. so very little angry posts this year :D

about the demo derby

well after they were saying just how epic it will be and that its the best one in years... THEY LIED!!!!! there were only 5 cars 3 trucks and it only lasted an hour! tal about a let down :(


i have to say that ff7 is the greatest one of all the final fantasy games. and ive finally got vincents chaos form it took forever

almost summer!!!

have only two more days and im done. but rthe bad part is there two days of finals so im goin to have a hard time sleeping in class fore these next two days

Ultimite showdown

me and my friend had the ultimite MW2 showdown yesterday. 1 life almost no health. no recovery. in a sniping map. IT WAS EPIC!!!! and i won in the end say what you think or if you have a ps3 and want to face me in this match then add me and BRING IT ON!!!!