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Time to make a new blog:Ask me anything!

I believe skittles tagged me awhile back, and while I could just post more facts(This would have been my third or fourth time doing so) I will let you, my blog readers ask me any questions you can come up with about me and I will try my best to answer them. So ask away....Yes, lazy blog is damn lazy.

Happy 4th of July!

Short blog is going to be short. I just wanted to tell everybody, happy 4th! I hope that your day is filled with family goodness, tasty BBQ, great gaming and tons of explosions...Just try not to blow your arm off like so many people seem to love doing.

Battlefield Beautiful company.

I have a major announcement to make....I just had a group of beautiful battlefield games. I mean I wanted to cry at how awesome they were. It was a rare feeling for me not having to yell at people on my team who can't even hear me. We were all complete randoms and we dominated as if we've been working together since the game came out. Medics revived people, assaults lead the front lines and gave ammo, snipers threw motion balls and actually marked enemies. Vehicles got destroyed, bases got defended and captured, it was just awesome.

This all leads me to one point and one point only, WHY CAN'T ALL GAMES BE LIKE THIS? Seriously, if one group or people can do this surely the rest of the lot can. Having brilliant games like that is the reason BC2 is still one of my favorite MP experiences. Hopefully in the future the problems on EA/DICE and the communities side will be all gone. In other great news, after three months of being an addict I've managed to get to lvl 43 and achieve all of the pins and insignias. You can check them out here.

GrandJury's after E3 blog.

Welcome to this blog o mine. As the title suggest this is my after E3 blog and I will be naming my most anticipated games and or announcements. I will also use this blog to make up for my lack of blogs over the past fews weeks. So there will be more than just E3 here. We can first start off with my look.

Finally I found a look that I will keep, plus I am too lazy to change it again.

New avatar

Old Sig lol-Thanks Viet!


As a die hard Sony fan I am so glad that Sony did not pull another one of these at this years E3. Here are my top things announced by Sony at this years E3

1.PSMove-Now this was already announced well before E3 but after seeing the event I can say that it has a lot of potential. Give me a new hot shots golf with PS move integration and I am sold

2. Valve-Now here is something that I did not see coming at all but I love it. Valve, one of my favorite game companies has FINALLY accepted the darkside. Good ol Gabe announced the team will be bringing steam features and Portal 2 to the PS3.

3.PSP mania-Never have I wanted a PSP so much. Before I really did not think much of the damn thing, in fact, I thought at times the world would be a better place without it. They really caught my eye with their new commercials for it. But seeing as how Sony looks as if they are really trying to push the goodness onto the PSP I want one bad. Here are my main reasons

  1. I need a new multimedia device
  2. MGS PW
  3. VC2
  4. I have a Kevin Butler pillow case which tells me to sell my soul to the almighty Sony, I am cool with that
  5. I did not like the original DS and I am not sure if the new one will do me any more justice
  6. Did I mention the pillow case?
  7. Being able to play c.lassics PS1 titles on the go is awesome

Plus this MGS PW bundle just screams my name

PSN plus-CROSS GAME CHAT...Need I say moar?

Game wise

Now these are the actual games I am excited for. It is not a lot but oh well.

Marvel vs Capcom 3

Medal of Honor


Need for speed hot pursuit-I CAN'T WAIT!

Dead Space 2-More importantly the special edition which will come with Dead space extraction, formally a wii exclusive

Valkyria Chronicles 2

Motorstorm Apocalypse

Ghost recon future soldier


  1. F3AR-Stupid name but hopefully will bring back the stuff the old Fear vets remember
  2. Half-life 3...ONE DAY
  3. Twisted Metal, I never played a TM game before but the new one looks kinda fun
  4. Black ops, Singleplayer has me somewhat interested
  5. Modern warfare 3-Yeah right
  6. Eyepet


Ahh yes. The company that stole the show at E3:roll::roll:, they revealed an new 360 that will probably have the same problems as the older ones but who cares for that, you know why? Because they have....


Speaking of crime....It is time for....

Crime section

It has been awhile since I've done one of these but here goes. Keep in mine that everybody loves to laugh so all of these criminals will be funny and make you all feel a lot better about your lives.

1. The iDummy-This really desperate idiots posted on craigslist how he would trade his Iphone and some pot for a new Ipad...

2.America runs on beer?-This truck driver was pulled over after he nearly ran over some folks with his truck, he told officers he was drinking beer to stay awake

3.Something out of a child's movie. This 38 year old broke into a day care center and was later tased by officers after he was trying to steal puppets

4.Shady-This man, who makes me wonder how people live their lives. Was arrested after trying to drive his car, drunk mind you, to a shady spot...But he was operating the car from the passenger seat.

5.Socially stupid-This man was walking around town offering people 5 bucks for their social numbers, sadly one idiot actually took the bait and sold them theirs.

Wrestlemania 26

I am so sorry that I have to end this blog on a bad note but it has to be said. I am a wrestling fan. I have been watching wrestling for the good part of my life. I have seen a lot of WWE PPV and some of be great, others not so much, but WM26 was the worst, absolute worst WWE PPV I have seen in my life. All of the matches were dry and boring and nothing, NOTHING seemed wrestlemania about it,accept maybe the long ass ramp to the ring. Nobody really had any cool entrances, no special guest, hell even the song was annoying as hell. I guess I should give props to the cool pyramid like theme the arena was made into. The two worst things about the PPV were

A. Hype-I hyped the hell out of this PPV, I was actually considering in my mind to order this junk. I can usually tell and predict matches before they happen, call it a wrestling fans instinct. With WM26 I could not. When I finally got around to watching it I noticed something was wrong, 1 hour had gone by and I was bored out of my mind, then 2 hours had gone by and I was still bored, then I noticed the show was over and I was happy:|

B. The Arizona crowed was DEAD. A good crowed can make a good event even better, regardless of what sporting even or other entertainment it is. Seeing their reaction to things, them getting involved with the event from their seats. So what happens when you take an already bad event and have a bad crowed on top of that?

C. Yeah there were three not two, got a problem with that? The HBK vs Taker match 2, was not good, over hyped and not legendary, get over yourselves to who ever thinks that. HBK will be back.

Back to the stone age.

Hey all, there is a reason for the naming of this blog. It all has to deal with me changing my look again(Yes again, OMG he must be bored or something). I decided to take a trip down my Gamespot memory lane and hit up my old Queens of the stone age loo(Tada thats the meaning of the title), anyway I decided to take my old QOTSA look and give it a new feel. Now my old sig was made up of 4 individual pics to make my sig, this is my new one.

My new sig has 4 pics but I figured out how to put them all together.

Now for my avatar; my old avatar was the pirate lady's face you see in the second pic in my sig, I decided to do something a little different. One of my favorite songs from them is Go with the flow, it has a really cool video that I dig, so I figured what the hell, I took the video over to Gifsoup(great site BTW) and made myself a 15 second clip from the video, thus I present to you my new avatar.

Pretty sweet eh?


I did not just make this blog to show off my new look I also want to talk about Battlefield, yes one of my favorite multiplayer games has gotten some changes and I am going to voice my opinion on what I think is good and what I think is bad.First off the good.

  • Some of the lag has been cut down
  • You can now actually run someone over
  • The stupid conquest horn has been changed, now if you are loosing it will only blare twice and that is it
  • Increased amount of tickets for Conquest, which means the games will last longer, always a good thing
  • If you die and get a kill at that moment you will now get points of it, before the game did not let you(glitch)
  • MG36 is now useful in hardcore games, it has a red dot scope
  • M60 tonned down, I was not sure where to put this so I guess I shall just slap it here. I did not really care personally cause they were easy to take down but meh

Now on to the bad. Seems like EA/DICE can't make an update without messing up some servers.

  • Game is still laggy
  • Knife has become really usless,sometimes it will take 3 stabs just to kill someone
  • Still no option to chat with the other squads
  • Onslaught is going to cost money for some reason
  • Community is still filled with dumbasses-Not EA or DICE's fault but still bad

The update did indeed fix some of the things that needed to be fixed but now we have even bigger problems to worry about. The lag needs to go. Me personally in this game have been doing pretty good. I just hit lvl 40 and now the last push to lvl 50 begins. My game plan is simple to get a platinum star on ever single gun in the game.

It will take me awhile no doubt but it will help out with the points for the last 10 levels and give me something else to aim for. Also I have 4 insignias left to collect until I have collected all of the pins and insignias. It is an awesome yet sad feeling at the same time lol. I am still not sure about Onslaught mode, accourding to the trophies it is just four maps(Isla innocentes, Atacama desert, Valpariso and Nelson bay. I guess it will depend on how fun it is, and how much EA wants to charge us.

The VIP map pack 3 is coming here is the trailer for it, it even hints at the M14 getting an 4x scope which would be great.

Happy Memorial day everybody.

I know, I know a lot of people don't support the war or any war if that but please take today to honor the fallen soldiors who give their life for this country. My heart is with all of the families that have lost a loved one during active duty.

RIP to all of the fallen soldiers and I hope that a lot of you shall remember them. Don't just think of this day as another day off. On another subject but still keeping the same theme, my plan to join the National Guard is still in effect, I don't think it will be tomorrow lol but I will be joining. I really did not get to go into full detail with my last blog and for that I apologies, I was in a rush.

Basically there are more reasons than "I wanna be robo cop" lol, I shall elaborate on that now. Here are my 10 reasons for wanting to join the Guard.

1. Become robo cop-Seriously who wouldn't? I guess some people would rather be robo criminal but whatever.

2. Help pay for college- I want to go to a good 4 year college and the guard will help me with this. I had to stop going to school to help take care of my family and I had to get a GED, I am not a stupid person by any means, I am not "OMG did he just blow up that planet with his mind" smart but I can hold my own when I need to. Servering in the guard will prepare me for getting a good education from a good college

3.Serving my country-Most of you already know how patriotic I am but for those who don't I shall explain. I am a very high spirited American, I love this country, yeah we have our faults but I love the freedom and the good big hearted people you can run into. I love it enough to serve it and make it proud.

4. Give me something to do worth while-Sure having a job is great but being able to serve in the gaurd+ having a job is even better.

5. I get to help people- I don't want to sound full of my self but I tend to have a big heart, I love to help people, from people in other countries to right here and home I want to be able to lend my helping hand

6. Teh ladiez-This explains itself lol.

7. Makes me a stronger person-I am no means weak on the outside or inside but I tend to get that weak helpless feeling sometimes, I believe the guard will FINALLY get rid of that feeling.

8. Get to experience new things-The guard will help me break into and experience new things.

9. Travel- I will get to travel to different places and see new things.

10. Finally, make my family proud- I love my family, they know this, but I want them to see that I am more than a goofy goofball brother who is there for them you know. I want my sister to be able to REALLY brag to her friends about me(She already tells them that I am funny and I dance funny in wallmart lol). Same with my mother.

That about does it, I know how hard I will have to work and it does not bother me one bit. I am ready for this. I thank you all for supporting my on this as well. I will keep you updated for when I join and any new changes. Remember to honor the fallen today. Song- Rise today by Alter Bridge. Peace out.

I decided to join the national guard.

Howdy everybody. Yep as the title suggest I decided to join the national guard. Yes, I do still want to be a cop, but the guard can help pay for me to go to a GOOD 4 year college and get the criminal justice education I need to become robocop, yes robocop lol.

All joking aside, I still feel like I could do even more and the guard will help me do that. I love to help people and I will get to do plenty of that, whether it is helping out in an area right here in the US that has been hit with a disaster or helping out with the clean up efforts over there in the war zone. I will probably not be online that much or at all for a good 2-3 weeks as I am going to go and do what I did for the police academy, train. I am going to be working out, trying to eat right and get myself ready. I WILL be back online playing BC2 and posting on gamespot, just as soon as I get the important stuff out of the way.

My new desktop.

Well I finally found something to blog about lol, it is nothing big though. I just wanted to show off my new desktop look to all of my friends. Here it is

Some of my friends in the new and improved Laid back lounge V2 has seen it already. Yes Scianix I got rid of the icon in the rain meter feed thingy lol. Click on it for a larger image.

April: No more monthly blogs

* Why do you say such a thing? Well for starters I really don't like waiting a whole month just to tell you guys whats up with me and what is on my mind. So the way it will go is this, anytime I have something interesting on my mind or did something, oh what do you kids call it, "1337" I will post it up. Hell I still need to go back and read through all of you guys and gal's blogs that I missed.

Forum life

Well if you all have not noticed by now I finally hit 10,000 post. It took me 7 months of slacking off and posting on here but in the end it was worth it. So congrats to me on that and thanks to all of the people who stopped by.

Another thing going down is the fact that the Laid Back Lounge, a historic part of the PS3 forums is coming to a close....Sorta. You see the thread has gotten way to big for the mods to handle so they are closing that one down on the 19th of this month(1 year anniversary)and then they will make a new one in its place. It will follow the same pattern like the Roll Calls in the OT, once so many post are made it is locked and a new one is made. However we in the PS3 forums will be keeping an overall count to get to the great 100,000 post. We already have a pretty good start, the original lounge is sitting pretty just shy of 70k. So wish us luck lol


Ahh it feels good yes it does. I finally got around to playing and beating Uncharted Drakes Fortune and I have to say it was an amazing adventure gaming experience. The story, the graphic, the gameplay all awesome. The only problem I had with it was the horrible shooting mechanics. It was worst than Resident evil 5 at times. The most amazing thing about the game for me though had to be the cool unlockables. The game had so much to unlock it was crazy. The dev videos, concept art, new characters to play as, weapons, etc etc. It makes me wonder, what in the hell happened to all of this good stuff?


I have been playing A LOT of bad company 2 over the past month or so. Big ups to LightR, Taplok, Bigsmoke and Jerkface who have been playing with me and putting up with my annoying ass voice lol. The game is great, action packed singleplayer and amazing multiplayer but the community seems to be filled with idiots. Now I don't know if it is because they are coming from MW2 or they are just really having a hard time grasping the game? If you do get your hands on BC2 please be sure to play with a squad of good people and also try to contribute something good to the community. I even made a guide on some tactics you should use when playing the game. Linky.


Well Hazel you will be happy to know that Gamefly decided to send my a copy of your favorite game, that game being Blazblue. I shall try it and see how much I can suck at it lol.

Aww the kitty kat person is cute. I might like this game afterall.

Gears 3!

Yep it was announced, and even though I own a PS3 I am excited

Crime news

YAY, and don't expect these to go anywhere. I will still be posting crime news for yall. Here are 5 stories right from the criminal system.

Missing Florida girl is found alive- Sadly children go missing everyday and sadly the outcome is not always good. Thankfully this is not the case. The girl who went missing for 5 days is found alive and well.

Awesome little doggies-The dogs are trained to sniff out explosives in the area.

Teen hit by car after robbing a store-A 16 year old boy robs a gas station store, not for money, oh no, this idiot steals a slush puppy, chips and other small items. As he is running away he is hit by a car, then arrested. Talk about Karma:o

Time to quit the booze-A 32 year old woman in NH decided to take matters into her own hands when she drove her van into a donut shop. She did not mean to, of course she was trying to hit a convient store clerk who did not want to sell her beer...

Love makes you do strange things-A 46 year old woman in ME tried to set fire to a police station just so she could be closer to her boyfriend who was already in jail...Sigh...I just don't understand people.

Other stuff.

There is not much else going on with my. Still training hard, still running and working out, still being sexy lol. I am feeling a bit hungry right now so I might go and get something to eat. I also am trying to pick up on watching more anime so if you guys have any recommendations for that area I would be pleased to hear them. Song of the month Jimi Hendrix:Voodo child. Alright guys peace.

March:Birthday Blog!

YAY!! *Bust out confetti* Today is my birthday! I am not going to put to much thought into it since it is like every other day but still I wanted to blog about it.

Other stuff.

Sorry I haven't done a blog in awhile I have been busy with my training and such. The training to get into the academy is good but very tiresome. I have to run, watch what I eat, run some more, run again workout etc, etc. Even though I do that I am glad that I get to be accepted in the ranks. School is alright I am suppose to be finishing a report on communism...It can wait. In the mean time I will just post this random picture.


Well for those who don't know in Feb I finally got myself a PS3(YAY!!, bust out more confetti) after a whole year without playing games it feels good to be back in the action. I got myself 120 gig PS3 slim. I know I talked about how I loved the phat PS3s but after this whole apocalyPS3 thing I am kinda glad I didn't

Overall I am very happy with it though. It is not as ugly as I thought it was and the 120 gigs of space is nice. Also I can carry it around without breaking my back. For those who want to add me yet haven't my PSID is The_GrandJury. Now I must talk about a game that I haven't even played on the PS3 and that game is....

Seriously this game is...a...joke. The only thing this game really has going for it is the fun creation stuff. If you can think it you can probably create it. From storylines, to wrestling moves to weird characters. Or hell even take one of the already existing super stars and change them up. Do like I did and make goldust pink and have him come out to the entrance of biscuits and gravy lol. Sadly that is pretty much where the fun stops. The reason I am including this into my blog is because I am a HUGE wrestling fan and it pisses me off that THQ is this frigging lazy with one of their biggest series. The online play is 4 people at the max and it lags worst than any other big online shooter with 32+ I've ever played. The same exact problems still exsist since the damn series started back in 04...YES 04!:evil: The online in a nut shell is some of the worst trash I've ever played. The best part is seeing people's created characters but since most matches people just turn entrances off it is not even worth it.

The online is bad but I think what hurt me the most is how bad the singleplayer is. They took match types away and restricted a lot of the other things that made the past series so good. Like no title can be put on the line in the elimination chamber(If you can I damn sure haven't found out how). Sigh...Hopefully THQ can get it right with Smackdown vs raw 2011.

Crime news

Yeah I am glad I get to do this again. Time for five crime news stories from CNN, to my blog, to you lol

US soldier sues for the film "The hurt Locker"- Master sgt Jeffery Sarver, a United State soldier who's job is to defuse roadside bombs has filed a federal lawsuit against the makers of the movie The Hurt Locker. He claims that the director of the movie based the character from the film on him and he wants something for it.

Cops Seize 60 sick dogs from a breeder.- Police in Bexar county seized 60 sick dogs from a breeding company by the name small paws puppies,their website.The police and a news station was tipped off about the horrible conditions these dogs were living in.

Teen arrested for overdue DVD.-A teenager in Littleton Colorado was arrested for not returning a DVD to a local library.

Woman gets arrested in dumb fashion- People can be really stupid sometimes. A woman Albany GA was arrest when she went into a jail to pick up her criminal background check for her new job, only to be arrest when the officers found 10 bags of pot in her purse

Even worst that the one before.-Two Florida teenagers were arrested for trying to steal a car, not is not so bad since that happens all of the time. What is so dumb and hilarious about this is the fact that the two kids accidentally called 911 and the 911 dispatcher listened into their whole conversation about what they were going to steal and what not.

Gamespot stuff

Well I have been posting a lot on Gamespot. It is a nice place to lose your boring feeling while in c.lass home, bathroom etc, etc. I am closing in on 10,000 post. About 2,400 to go and I will be there. Today I am also happy cause me and Xx_Hopeless_xX were voted two of the best Gamespot new comers.

Besides the OT I am always posting in the PS3 forums, in particular the Laid Back Lounge. It is a great place to just chill when you want to get away from all of the recommend me this or OMG my PS3 has killed my dog that topics.

Well that about does it for this blog I will end it with four songs. A. Veer Union-Seasons:Cause the seasons will be changing soon. And B. The Black Crowes-Remedy:Cause we all need a little remedy sometimes.

Genesis-MAMA:cause...umm, well it is weird and I have been playing a lot of GTA4 lately. And finally Queen of the Stoneage-Go with the flow: Cause it has the coolest video ever, and one of my favorite songs and we all just need to go with the flow sometimes. Peace! Thanks for reading, listening and looking.

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