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Can't Repeat the Past? Why of Course You Can!

I'd like to take this blog oppertunity to be a bit of an informer today because I learned of something quite interesting yesterday in the PC Fourms and if you haven't heard then you're lucky to be my friend because I will tell you so that you don't miss it because I love you all; now don't take that too seriously.

So...anyone heard of Fallout? That post appocalyptic future RPG? Created by Black Isle and is (next to the sequel Fallout 2) considered one of the greatest RPGs of all time? The game that makes Fallout 3 (according to another fourm...won't say which one but you could probably guess *cough* SW *cough*) look like a joke? No? Well...it's just that post appocalyptic future RPG created by Black Isle and is considered to be one of the greatest RPGs of all time and makes Bethesda's Fallout 3 to some look like a joke.

This so called "masterpiece of a game" apparently just went free (yes...FREE. F.R.E.E) on GOG for the weekend. So get it whie it lasts and even if you have Fallout on disc already I say just get it anyways because discs break...believe me...I know from experience.

A fascinating deal, I must say, one that could put Steam to shame. I rember way back when I came to this site (three years ago...HOW BOUT DAT $#!+!?) that I was just getting caught up on quite a lot of things like GOTY awards for previous years and such and during the 2009 GOTY Awards on GS they allowed the users a chance to go back in time and see the 2008 GOTY winner (Spoiler: It was Metal Gear Solid 4) and one of the runner ups was a "little" game called Fallout 3. The videos of the game were fascinating and drew me into the dark world and I wanted to learn more of this appocalyptic game. In fact, it also won IGN's GOTY in 2008 over Metal Gear even though IGN practically LUSTED over the game; saying things like "if we could give a game an 11/10 this would be it," and all that nonsense.

Paraphrasing of course but the message still stands that they REALLY liked MGS4 and to see Fallout 3 turn on Vats, shoot Snake in the head with a Lincoln Repeater, and come in and take its place as IGN's GOTY is truly a shock. Yet, as some call it, the "Mos Eisley of GameSpot" said otherwise against the game with claims that I am too lazy to look up for but let's just say they thought the game to be boring, a little broken, and a weak entry in the venerable series. These words got me interested in the games that came before and, as a matter of fact, were what got me into Morrowind. Oblivion, Skyrim, and Fallout 3 looked so completely imppecable and totally AWESOME from videos. How could people talk smack of them? What blasphemy is this!? How good can these past games be?

Well, Morrowind I can CERTAINLY say has MANY features that make it a one of a kind masterpiece and hearing the complaints I can see how it can still after 10 years rise over it's successors and still stand the test of time. Still, questions are left for me to discover...how is Oblivion and Skyrim to me? I played the "first" and am pretty far in to give an opinion so how will the successors work for me? Will I be a crodigy old cynic and look down with detest against Skyrim and Oblivion or will I not care and have a great time and call them each one of a kind to all. Same thing for the Fallout series. This deal, like my Morrowind gift, shall be the start of my descent into a new RPG world. Will I like what I see or pull out to the new and fresh?

Only I and I alone show see that for myself. Anyways, in the mean time, you all have fun with this deal and your memories of Fallout while I begin mine. I've got a good feeling about these games...no turning back now...for war....war never changes.

Goodbye GameSpot friends, wish me luck in this "old" age war.

Can You See Me?

Can anybody see me? I'm going to be making some new blogs pretty soon and I will return to responding to people but the problem is GameSpot has been having issues with blogs in which some people, even though mutually tracking each other, cannot see anothers blog. Says it's set to private even though, as stated, they are mutually tracking each other.

They say it's working but can't be too careful so call this a test blog, I suppose. I'll see how many comments I get and see if it's low or not and see the people commenting and then decide if I should go ahead with my idea and retrack everyone. BTW: I am friends with 317 people so...yeah...that could take a while.

So, just say something, say anything, in fact. Say apple. Can you do that? Say apple. Apple.

;) :P

Happy Commericaly Made Holiday

...and that's pretty much it.

As you can see...not a big fan of the holiday, tbh. The luster of love and candy wore off of me as I grew older and now all I see today as is a money making holiday. Christmas is also a commercialy used holiday but...come on. It's Christmas! And I get presents from me folks! :D

What? I'm a lonely man....:(

Oh, and apparently it's also Arizona's birthday today. The ol' state turns 100 making this its centenial birthday. So, congrats to them. :)

Yep, that about does it....see ya whenever....which will hopefully not be another holiday.

Well...that's not at ALL what I thought it meant

I just took a look at what in the world Boxing Day was and I was all set up with Boxing quotes, famous boxers of our time, this picture of Rocky Balboa, and even some boxers just in case. :P

Now I read up on Wikipedia and it turns out it's about wealthy people with servants giving to their servants a box with a gift in it. Like...Christmas but for slaves. :? Well, that's...interesting. Although the defintion of that day has changed over time, South Africa calls it Goodwill, Ireland calls it St. Stephen's Day, and in other places like the Netherlands, Austria, or Germany it's called the Second Christmas Day. :|

Wow, this holiday seems more cooler than I thought. A second day of Christmas? How can you hate that, HOW, HOW! Note: Relatives do not count. :P

So, if anyone out there celebrates it, Happy Boxing Day. :D As for me I continue my Christmas by playing me a bit of Morrowind and obtaining the achievements on Steam for the chance of another free game. Enjoy your second Christmas everybody who celebrates it and enjoy your Christmas gifts from yesterday everybody else. :)

Goodbye GameSpotters, enjoy your second Christmas day as I enjoy the carry over of yesterday's Christmas.

Feliz Navidad

Welll, I just noticed that my blogs have become seasonal blogs. I only make a blog on a holiday. I'll have to change that in the new year. Oh well, Merry Christmas GameSpotters. Enjoy the presents, the family, the tree, and the memories you shall be making with your friends and family.

Feliz Navidad y un prospero Año y Felicidad. :)

(Translation: Merry Christmas and have a prosperous new year.)

PS: No I'm not hispanic, I just wanted to merge the song into my blog. Not to mention I kinda want to be different, all you guys are just being English saying Merry or Happy Christmas. I have yet to see anyone wish me a Feliz Navidad. Again, I'm not hispanic, just wanted to give a shout out to the real hispanics and say to them in their native tounge that I wish them as well a Merry Christmas. Even if they do not celebrate it. :oops:

Goodbye GameSpotters, I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart.


I...have...to...give...out...a...message...before....I collapse...of....overeating...

Happy.......................................................................Thanks- *fwump*

*passes out*

Happy Veterans Day Mates

I just want to say thank you to all the Veterans of the past, present, and future for their contributions to our society and to the world. May they rest in peace or hopefully return home to family and friends of past. Thank you soldiers, breathe easy, today is your day. I know that war never ceases and never is easy, but just know that we are all behind you the entire way and are hoping you do well out there. Please get back soon guys, everyone misses ya. :oops:

Thank You...

Happy Halloween

...and that's about it, sadly. :?

Oh wait, there's this. In honor of Halloween and its scares and creeps and meeps I am going to play Amnesia the Dark Descent! :D

Not the full game of course as I could never bring myself to THAT commitment to a horror game as I am not a horror fan and I know just how amazingly scary the game is...but I will do this much: I will play the game at the evening when Halloween is offical, with headphones on, sound pumped at the full volume, in the dark, with no one around to ease my lonelieness. :|

My heart is going to hate me for this...:(

Anyways, with that I say goodbye to all of you GameSpotters and I hope you all have a safe and Happy Halloween.

(As opposed to my soon to be $#!+ yourself Halloween rather than happy...:?)