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Warehouse 13 pilot

Welcome to the future with bits of the past. Now why when you have really cool mobile phones and lots of money would you want to use a communications device from the 1930s? That piece is pretty retro and the show is suppose to be new age?

I do love history and science fiction but shows should have a reality to them which doesn't break too many laws. Warehouse 13 has really gone out of it's way to break so many types of laws of nature that the creators have probably made the scientists of the past shake their fists from the heavens.

First you have two government agents who know each other from work with different styles, then you have an X-Files feeling, thrown in there is some Indiana Jones mix in a lot of silly things that shouldn't work and what do you have?

Another B rated show that shouldn't last more than one season.

I didn't manage to watch the whole season of the new Knight Rider, but Warehouse 13 is too much for me. I couldn't even get past the pilot that too me felt like it should be crashing into that warehouse and burn it to the ground.

Reality check people!