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The slow and agonising death of ECW.

I am fed up with watching ECW. No more to that, I have also stopped watching Raw, the only thing left is SmackDown and the PPVs.

I am not sure if I even want to watch Judgement Day, the only match which sounds remotely interesting is MVP vs Chris Benoit.

This is suppost to be a sport where you see great wrestling! This is happening less and less, stars are getting serious injuries. The match ups are a bit off at times! I mean who the hell is interested in a super heavyweight crushing a cruiserweight?

ECW is going to the dogs for sure, they seriously need to fix it. Need the TV title back, need to tag team belts back. Need to get some real wrestling going instead of that crap that had atm. Snitsky was boring me. Lashley is on Raw and not really ECW! Sabu got released, wtf, he was ECW all over! They are really destroying the ECW brand. The ECW World Champion is Vince?? He should be looking after the dam company not destroying it! Well, I have had enough, good bye ECW! good bye Raw, I just hope SmackDown doesn't start going to the dogs.