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Scott Colton (Colt Cabana) signs for the WWE.

A while ago when I was helping the guide for WWE Velocity and I noticed that Scott Colton featured a fair number of times in one go. I also noticed him on Heat and on Raw vs Umaga. Not many people know this but when WWE accept a jobber they are doing two things. Helping to try and push the star the jobber is going against and at the same time they are in fact scouting the jobber.

For Scott Colton had a fair number of matches, more so than most jobbers. But now he has finally signed to the WWE. Ring of Honor's website finally released the news on April 3rd 2007 and dam it's about time.

I don't know how early he will start in the WWE but one idea might be to tag-team him with his friend and former tag parter from Ring of Honor, CM Punk. This would suggest a stable for the ECW brand and that might also indicate the other romour that they will be bringing back the ECW Tag Team belts.

So congrats Scott Colton, I hope to see you in ECW soon.