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Nintendo 64 visited but now finished with.

I was on a kibbutz for the last six months and there in the club room we had a Nintendo 64 with a load of games. I played some of the games and really enjoyed a few of them. Others seemed rather terrible and I would have to say my favorite was Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

That is the first Zelda game I had ever played and I completed it. I loved the graphics, the characters and the story. All of it was interesting and I even wrote a review. The two other games I also liked was World Cup 98 and Mario Kart. Both were very enjoyable on multiplayer and I played a bit of single player against the machine too.

The Nintendo 64 seems to run rather smoothly but I found it's controller a little bit of a let down. The official controller is obviously the best, but still it seems to get damaged rather quickly from relatively little use. We also had two N64 Clear Power 64-X Controller by Yobo Gameware but they broke rather quickly. The analog control would snap off rather quickly from very little use. I would not suggest them myself.

I also played Super Smash Bros which I didn't like that much. I played with Captain Fulcan mostly! I played the game vs the others in the moadon (club) on the kibbutz. But I sware they must of played a hell of a lot more than me because I kept getting owned. Another game I tried was WWF Warzone which I found rather horrible. I do like wrestling and the latest wrestling games are so much better, but this old one is a bit of a button masher. Not really that great and I don't recommend it to anyone!

As it goes for the top three, which I will write reviews for, having already written a review for Zelda and World Cup 98. I think I wont buy a Nintendo 64 for myself. I love the retro stuff, but I still stick to building my Mega Drive. I will get myself a Playstation 3 at some point when it's better value and there are a few more games I am interested in getting for it. For now, bye bye N64.