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High Score Images

I just saw this new feature on for uploading images. So I thought it would be a good place to add my high score images. I had a look in my list of files and found that I had some remaining! Looks like I lost some old images from my high scores. :(

So I have uploaded what I have, so you can take a look. The main two are from Might and Magic 8 and 9. Not the best in my view because I feel Might and Magic 7 is the best game in the series. I had high score ceriticate images around somewhere for 6 and 7 but I guess they are gone now.

I also tried to upload my high score for Zarlor Mercenary from the lynx emulator screenshot I took. That was in bmp format and not jpg like the other two. I am not sure if it worked know, I tried it twice.

Anyway, if you have any high scores that accociate with those games let me know, we can then find out who is the better player is!