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Desturbings in the WWE.

There is just something about the world, but when you have a death that is shocking and desturbing at the same time it really makes you think. At first I was pretty sure that all three, Chris Beniot his wife and son were all victums. I really find it hard to beleive that someone who was so full of life can do this to himself.

But then you have to think of the phycotropic effect of the drugs he might of been taking. They could of really screwed with his brain. Something could of gone wrong. Then you have this bible signature next to each body. That in-it'self is a question. How many other cases have you heard of a strangled person next to a bible.

My feelings on the subject is that WWE needs to improve on it's policy to do with all types of drugs. They need to monitor a lot more on what they have possibly been doing.

In some ways, although so tragic this has raised questions and concerns.

All is not what it seems, then again, all is what it seems, to have an answer to the question is one thing. But to already have an answer to the questions which hasn't been said, seems to have happened. I fear there maybe a lack of investigation on the case of the Benoit's and an annoucement before the facts are clear.

Hopefully things will become clearly soon, we can only hope.