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Copyright abuse vs Content.

I often wonder how many people read the copyrights on websites. I really do like reading Terms of Service and copyright information as well as the privacy policy.

But with everyone writting on the internet, how are you sure no one is going to post what you wrote somewhere else? Well you really can't unless someone tells you or you find it yourself. Sadly it happens more than you think. Content is protected by law and copying it straight to your blog or otherwise is an offense. With the clamp down on illegal music, video, film downloads how long will it be before there is a clampdown on content?

Well in some countries there is already a clampdown on anti-government content so it can't be long to go before the content infringment comes calling. So becareful what you write, what you are posting. Because the police might come knocking with a lawyer one day.

Another way to scroll websites for copyright content is with a webbot, how long before people write new webbots to do this bidding. There are already thousands of these things scrolling the internet searching for content, information. Soon the internet is going to police its self.

So quite while your ahead and stay safe children of Cnet. Before these police webbots track you down and put you away. You know who you are! I am watching also.