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Good, the bad and the dam right anoying.

Well I have finished with Command & Conquer RA2, Yuri's Revenge and Might and Magic 8. I have completed both and really enjoyed them. I added my reviews to gamespot and I hope everyone likes my reviews.

As of late it seems as if gamespot have been having a lot of problems. Problems with the boards and emblems have been really anoying! For a while they took away our ability to put graphics, avatars, banners in. I found that rather anoying and all because of some security glitches they where going on about. I dout it was as bad as they said it was. And just today, IE crashes the IE window that has gamespot running in it. Now that's a new bug for gamespot as it wasn't happening before.

I saw a new Star Wars PC Empire at War game and was hoping I could play it but sadly my computer isn't good enough. I have "Intel onboard graphics" and that doesn't support that... Hardware Transform and Lighting (T&L). So I guess I wont be playing. :cry:

I shall proberbly get Command & Conquer Renegade and play that, because that's pretty cheap and looks cool. I also have a few games on the PS2 to get on with and complete so I have those. Time to get on with them. :)

Disapearing Emblems

I rather like my emblems and I had an old-skool one which was my favorite but because of the poor coding and the dodgy scripts I lost it recently :(

That was not fair! I would very much like it back, now how long will that take?? Might take a while or might not. I hope its fixed this week, then I would be happy.

What games did you get for Christmas!!??

Well, I got Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Command & Conquer Yuri's Revenge.

Battlefront 2 is really cool, the space battles are excellent and I thought the campaign mode was going to be short, but it went straight onto another chapter. So game on. :) I proberbly got a long way to go on it and it is so much better than the previous one. I shall have to write a review for the previous game battlefront.

As for C&C Yuri's Revenge, I got a feeling this is going to be pretty short. I have already completed the Soviet storyline and that Soviet chick who tells you your missions... Well dreams are good when I goto bed!!!

I do love the way Westwood do the cutscenes wish other companies could do as good. Westwood are properbly the best in the world for develepment of those cutscenes.

Game On! :)

Gamespots new forums and website.

I have to say, I am not to impressed, for one the website isn't as good as the old one and the forum upgrade took out some features I rather liked. Like adding forums I like to 'My Favorites'.

There is still along way to go and I would of thought that Gamespot would of designed the site to be more friendly to 1024x768 users. Its a shame really, they really didn't do such a good job and I still see rather alot of bugs around the website. I could continue to post on the forum but in the end someone else will notice and all the bugs will be ironed out.

But still, its certainly hasn't passed all the tests and there is a long way to go. At least the level's are working for me now and I can add reviews. Which I rather like doing. I still wish to create Unions. Maybe I shall try some point in the future not right now know.

Lets just hope gamespot get their act together and start listening to what people want.

Star Trek Armada and Armada 2, I must save!

I recently just completed Star Trek Armada, you can go checkout my review on it, I rather enjoyed the game it was simple yet enjoyable, all in all I was very satisfied. Now I am on the second game and I played it before so I started again and I don't remember the game engine to be so intelligent. In the one player mode, the borg take avantage and Picard was blown up! Doh!

o well, I guess I need to start again on the level, because I also forgot to save! Thats the 3rd time I done that now. I really need to stop forgetting and start remembering, regular saves do help.

Game On.

MM9 - Space Visitors.

In MM6 and MM7 you can have the ancient weapons skill, being able to use plasma guns and they have a storyline which involves visitors from space, which is pretty dam cool. I was always wondering if it would ever crop up in this game and the only piece of evidence popped up.

Thronheim, Inventa Storca, Library room, the one closest to the exit. Just behind the area with those suckers.

Sitting on a desk in the library room is this parchment that tells us about Space travellers. It mentioned that they landed south of Verhoffin's Tower, which I am assuming its talking about Isle of Ashes. I had a look all around there in the waters and everything but couldn't find anything of interest around the Isle of Ashes. I even went north to look in the waters, I had a look in a few other places but failed to find anything of interest.

The only interesting thing to think of is when you look at the Black Orb of Knowledge from which the guy in the Wizard Tower said he created it himself. It looks metal, futuristic. Anyway if anyone does find anything of interest. Leave me a note. :)

Thumb damage by FIFA 2005

I currently have FIFA 2005 on the PS2 and the damage I am doing to my thumb and fingers is going to take its toll..!!! I think I will need sergery later on in life. My left thumb is proberbly going to end up with a massive blister! Burning away...

The game has very good graphics, the cutscenes are almost like watching the real thing! The play is a hell of a lot harder than my older version of FIFA 2001. On 2001 I could beat Brazil with San Marino! This one I am currently... sorta struggling in the Scottish Prem, but I am in second place... Playing with Aberdeen.

Current match in the system is a cup match. Why wont it let me win? I sware this game has a conspiracy. I shall win this cup, I must! So I can add it to my collection of things to win... Well I have only really just started!

Game On!

Kal Online

The graphics look good and its free, but is it going to feed my hunger for what I desire in game play? Will it feed me with fun, will it feed for what I am after? I have been getting bored'ish recently and that maybe because I am starting to run low on games I have.

So far I know I have a character that lost his memory and he has two quests I have found so far. Just the problem of lag puts me off, but I shall try and stick with it, get somewhere if I can. :p

But to start with it seems very cool.

Might and Magic 9, Completed.

As you can see, I have completed Might and Magic 9, I have to say, storyline was a bit thin! I still got lots of quests to do, I feel like finishing some of them. But really, when I feel I have completed a game, then I have completed it. As for MM9, I have completed it! :)

So now you goto stay tuned for the up and coming review. I shall note now, that Total Time... that has to be wrong!! This is another game I can gladly add to me completed collection and I only did it at Level 40, pfft, some of it was a bit simple. But what can I say... This has to be one of the more disapointing of the MM series.

Now, Game Completed.

Incase you can't read what it says:

By imprisoning Njam in the Tomb of a Thousand Terrors, you have finally fulfilled your destiny! For years to come skalds and poets will sing songs of your heroism and Glory. By uniting the six clans of chedian against a common foe, you've encouraged them to stop fighting amongst themselves and rise to become a single prosperous nation.